Sep 2, 2014

Top Ten Tuesday ~ Book Characters That Would Be Sitting At My Lunch Table

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Book Characters That Would Be Sitting At My Lunch Table

It's been awhile since I sat at a lunch table so this week Banana helped me out with the list.  This is who's sitting at OUR lunch table and their role in our social circle.

Take Me On (Pushing the Limits, #4)
West Young ~ Take Me On
The Attitude

Haymich Abernathy ~ Hunger Games Trilogy
The Abrasive Drunk

Rose Hathaway ~ Vampire Academy Series
The Food Fight Starter and Azz Kicker

Chasing Forever Down (Drenaline Surf, #1)Rough Waters (Drenaline Surf, #2)
Topher Brooks ~ Drenaline Surf Series
The Surfer Dude

Nearly Headless Nick ~ Harry Potter Series
The Floater

What a Boy Wants (What a Boy Wants, #1)What a Boy Needs (What a Boy Wants, #2)
Jaden Sinclair ~ What a Boy Wants/Needs
The Best Friend

American Girl on Saturn (Saturn, #1)
Noah Winters ~ American Girl On Saturn
The Boy Band Member

Kishan ~ Tiger's Curse Series
Flamingo's (book) Boyfriend

Jules Marchenoir ~ Die For Me
The Flirt

Paper and String (Mutilated, #1.5)

Ink ~ Mutilated Series
The Rock Star

Who's sitting at your lunch table this year?  Leave us your links so we can see who's on  your list.  


  1. You chose my favorite Godwin characters! <3

    1. They are all so good it's hard to pick but we had to have Topher for sure! Thanks for stopping by Francine!

  2. Hahaha Nearly Headless Nick is such a unique pick :) I have Rose on my list too! The table would never be boring with her around!!

    1. I always think of Nick popping up while they are eating at Hogwarts. I had to have Nick! Rose is awesome. We all need her around! Thanks for stopping by Eileen!

  3. Ahhh! MY TOPHER!!! And Ink!! (And Noah... I guess, yeah lol) Definitely some great picks! :D

    1. Topher was a must for me. Noah better bring chocolate milk if he is staying at my table for long. Lol thanks for popping in to see our list!

  4. Great picks! Rose is a great pick and I also love your Jaden pick -- that is such an underrated series of books!!

    My TTT

    1. We love Sebastian and Jaden so much! I love Nyrae Dawn's books! Thanks for stopping by today!

  5. Oooh Jules, this reminds me! I haven't gotten around to Until I Die yet. Must try to squeeze it in this month *fingers crossed* And Haymitch :D Can you imagine what he'd have been like in school, LOL! Awesome list!

    1. Oh yes Jules! When you finally get to those make sure you let me know so I don't miss your reviews! Haymich is such a piece of working would love to have lunch with buim anytime just to trade snark. Thanks for stopping by Alma! <3

  6. Haymitch! Omgosh, he'd be the best! I love your list.

    Jen @ Fefferbooks

  7. Haymitch is the best choice I've seen all day!