Oct 30, 2014

#TGIT Recap Week 5

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Shondaland's Thursday Night Lineup continues.  We know that there's a lot that goes on each show, which means that there's a lot to forget each week. Here's a good summary for each so you can be ready to watch the next episodes tonight!  This #TGIT Recap starts in 3... 2... 1...

Sorry... There's no Grey's Anatomy this week... :(
Don't feel sad... Go enjoy the Halloween special It's The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown!  ;)

Get ready for another great episode!  
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The Key
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  Olivia thinks that Jake is avoiding her.  Since she has nothing better to do, she decided to tag along with Quinn.  After awhile, they witness a murder, which causes the case of the week.  After she's home, her dad shows up.  Their conversation is very awkward and they kind of realize they can't be like a normal father and daughter.  She tells him that she doesn't know if Jake is safe or not and he tells her that he may just have needed a little bit of space.  If only she knew...
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  Olivia starts to look for Jake since he's been gone for almost two days now.  She calls Fitz, since that's the last place Jake was, but he doesn't tell her anything.  She tries Cyrus, but no luck.  In her desperation, she calls Abby, who denies her, saying she "only does favors for friends".  Cyrus visits Olivia later and tells her everything.  He seems to be pretty cool about it considering Jake killed his husband, so hopefully this is helping him move on.  If that doesn't, dancing on Jake's grave probably will.
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  Later on in the episode, Olivia visits her father at work and accuses him of everything.  He quickly spins it all on Jake, saying he was obsessed with her.  Why did he never tell her any of this?  Because she was going to the island of course!  He even let Jake go because he knew that he would keep him safe.  
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  In other news, we finally find out what happened between Huck and Kim. Huck is still stalking his family, and she wants him to go.  She doesn't believe anything he's told her and she thinks he's gone insane.  He tells her that if she lets him see his son one, then he'll leave them alone.  She agrees to the deal, but she wasn't really giving off a cool vibe when she did it.  Huck vamps up something for Javi and tries to wrap it for him, but Quinn ends up doing it for him.  When he goes that night to see his family, he sees Kim, who brought a psychologist type person to "help" Huck, who was not happy about it.
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  At the White House, Mellie is beginning to get on Fitz's last nerve. When he misses their 2:30 appointment to visit Jerry's grave, she freaks out on him.  He snaps back, slipping out that he was trying to get a confession out of Jerry's killer.  Now that she knows he was murdered, Mellie begins to put together the whole puzzle.  It automatically clicks for her, and she's almost back.  She compares Jerry to a soldier.  He died so they could win the election, he died for them.  At that point, Fitz is done with her, and tells her to become the Mellie he recognizes before they talk again.  That finally stuck a chord in her because she ends up getting in the shower at the end of the day.  Go Mellie Go!
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  Throughout the episode, David keeps talking to Abby, generally while he's drunk.  When he visits her office, he's sober, and tells her about blackmailing people to get where he is now.  He says he feels guilty because he indirectly killed someone with the B613 files.  He was "trying to be Olivia Pope" and killed someone in the process.
  Abby is pissed and goes to see Olivia at her apartment.  She goes off on a rant at Olivia, saying that she ruined David and that she's poison.  At that point, Olivia breaks down and tells Abby everything that's been going on. She says that there's a lot of evidence proving Jake killed Harrison and Jerry, but she doesn't think it's true.  Abby gives her a hug.
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  Deep, deep down, in the depths of the Pentagon, Jake is being held for the murder of the President's son.  After a good amount of waiting, and listening to his interrogator's only question, the President finally shows up with some food for Jake.  Jake thinks he's getting the special treatment because of this.  Fitz denies that, saying he wants Jake to confess, and to make sure he eats before he signs his confession for legal reasons.  Jake thinks that Fitz knows that he didn't do it, but that he's jealous because of events that transpired when Olivia left with him to the island.  Jake says that she loves them both and that it should mean something to Fitz because of that.  
  At the end of the episode, Fitz comes back to pay Jake a visit.  He has Jake stand up.  He asks if he killed Jerry.  Every time Jake denies, he gets punched.  While he's being beaten up by the President of the United States, he goes to his happy place... the island.

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How to Get Away with Murder
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We're Not Friends
Flash Forward:
  We've seen the scene where Frank calls Laurel just about every episode now, what we haven't seen is the call after that.  Since they're currently burning Sam's body, she decides to answer in order to help solidify the bonfire alibi.  Laurel admits to sleeping with Frank while she was still dating her boyfriend.
  Later on, we revisit the drama surrounding Michaela's lost engagement ring.  The group still has to return the trophy to Asher's place.  She has to stay and look for her ring, so Laurel decides to take on the task herself.  She ends up turning to Frank to help her do it.

Flash Back:
  This episode gives more insight on Laurel, and we start it out with her standing up to Keating.  There's yet another attack at her when she "shows off" when answering a question.  Laurel finally tells her that she was just answering her question and sits.  We also see her tampering with the jury on the case the firm is working on.
  Remember where we left off last episode?  The last 9 words that dropped your jaw to the floor? Male genitalia, dead girl's phone... super exciting! Well, not too long after that happened, Sam admitted his affair. We find out that Annalise was actually the reason Sam broke up with his first wife.  There's a little more fight/argument and then we see Bonnie heard it all.
  Annalise goes to talk to Nate, who accuses her of making him lose his job.  In his anger, he basically admits to the fact that he lied before, that Sam was gone the night Lila was killed.  Sam verifies that later, saying he went to go check on her to see if he was okay.  When Bonnie goes to talk to Annalise about her argument with Sam, Annalise reveals she knows how she got Rebecca's confession tape, and she's not to happy with Bonnie right now.
  Keating tells Wes that she doesn't want to give up the phone just yet. What she doesn't tell him is that she wants to see how much Rebecca knows and if she knows it's Sam on the phone.  At the end of the episode, Rebecca comes over to have a "psychological evaluation" performed by none other than Sam Keating.  All she really has to answer about is how much she knows about the phone's content, although she has theories about why Lila was murdered.  She doesn't know who's on the phone, but she doesn't know it's him until after she sees the wallpaper (matching the wallpaper in the picture) on the way to the bathroom.  At the very end, she talks to Wes on the phone, telling him not to trust Annalise.  Now she's M.I.A. and Wes told Keating he knows she lied to him.     

There you have it!  Now that you're caught up, don't miss TGIT tonight starting at 8/7c on ABC!

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