Oct 16, 2014

#TGIT Recap Week 3

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We can't believe Shondaland's Thursday Night Lineup started only a month ago.  So much has happened, but there's a lot that goes on during each show.  There's a lot to forget each week, and we understand that. Here's a good summary for each so you can be ready to watch the next episodes tonight!  Today's #TGIT Recap starts in 3...  2...  1...

On to our spotlight...
Grey's Anatomy
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   Got to Be Real
  Let's be honest, Grey's Anatomy has been great, but it's been awhile since we've had an excellent episode that touches us differently.  That's what this episode was for me.  There are so many things that happen and it's finally brought back something that I think has been missing for awhile now.  All I know is that I was feeling many different emotions, which is always a good indicator.
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  In the beginning, Meredith is talking to Alex whilst he's in the shower.  Jo isn't liking this new set up with Meredith butting in to her time with Alex.  Throughout the episode, Meredith hangs out at Alex's house all day, preparing him for his speech and looking into the possibility her mom was pregnant.  When Alex talks to her about Derek, she admits she hasn't told him and that they've been a little distant with each other.  It's pretty obvious that their marriage has taken a huge hit, but that's what is going to be exciting about this season is seeing them go through real problems in a real marriage.  They have a moment before their board meeting, and it's not a good one. She decides to just let it go and move on for a moment.
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   It's true... Maggie is her sister.  The first thought that came to Alex's mind was that Meredith should talk to Richard, especially with his history with her mom.  Needless to say, she was mad Richard didn't tell her, especially after knowing for about a week.  When he tells Maggie later on in the episode, not only is she mad, but she also thinks Richard never told her because he didn't want to be her father.  It's pretty sad since he really does want to get to know her, and he definitely deserves some good in his life.
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  It kind of surprised me that having a kid was still up in the air with Callie and Arizona.  Arizona is starting a fellowship, which will take up a lot of her time, and we've already started to see the stress hit from that.  Ultimately, they end up choosing to not get a baby... at the clinic, which ends up making Callie very sad.
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  Throughout the episode, Owen and Callie are working together to give an amputated veteran a fancy robot-like prosthetic leg.  When the tests don't work, Owen doesn't really accept it and Callie yells at him for making her do it in the first place because now she has to go in and tell the veteran to go home.  Their little fight gets the attention of Avery, who's deemed himself the "hall monitor" since he barely gets to do anything else anymore.  After talking to her, he offers to help place the nerves in the veteran's leg where they can go for the prosthetic to work.  Hunt realizes that he was wrong to force this on her, and that he needs something good to happen since Cristina's gone.
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In this episode, it's brother vs sister featuring April Kepner!  Amy and Derek keep on arguing over who is really in charge.  It's Amy's job, but Derek is supposedly better, he definitely is on paper.  Poor little pregnant Kepner is stuck in the middle of this match the whole time, being forced into making decisions by the other.  Once their patient dies, Amy blames Derek for not leaving her alone, for not letting her do her job as head of Neurosurgery, and it's all because he feels bad for staying.  Derek admits that he feels like Meredith didn't really give him an option, even though she says she didn't necessarily want him to give up his job in D.C.  
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  Finally, the other big battle of the night is between Alex and Bailey!  They both want the seat on the board, and the decision will be made that night.  Through much preparation, or lack thereof from Bailey, they present themselves to the board at the end of the episode.  When Alex gets called in first, Bailey starts to freak out.  Once he storms out, it's clear she got the board seat.  Hooray for Dr. Miranda Bailey!  Now we have to wonder what's going to happen to Alex, who has no job now.

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Get out your best wine!
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Inside the Bubble
  On the White House side of things this week, Mellie becomes obsessed with her own "murder" case.  She's so engrossed that she doesn't even visit Jerry that day.  The next day, at her meeting, she was kind of made a joke because witnesses came forward and proves she was right before she could actually do anything about it.  To escape further embarrassment, Abby gets her out of there with an excuse.  When Fitz calls her in that night, he thanks her for being good to them and that he owes her an apology for yelling at him.  She corrects him by telling him he owes her an apology for not learning her name... Abby.  I'm definitely proud of her growth these last few episodes!
  Jake finds Charlie and tries to get information out of him.  They make a deal: if Quinn can stay with Charlie for the night, he will say anything Jake wants to know.  Well, Jake got her to come, not telling her about the arrangement of course.  Right before Jake opens the door the next morning, the two share a kiss.  He told her that nobody would care that she's gone, except for him.  She's pissed to find out that he was right.  A little bit after her minor rant, Huck tells her that he'll look for her if she goes missing next time.
  It looks like Lizzie Bear's plans are starting to work out for her, which is not good.  Cyrus's relationship with the "prostitute" if that's what he really is, keeps progressing, and not in a good way.  Cyrus finally makes a payment for his "services" and now Lizzie's got ammo!  I just keep shaking my head.  It's not like Cyrus to be so reckless!  I can't wait to see what happens when he finds out.
  Olivia is going to have dinner with her dad, but she also wants to have Jake come with her.  At first, he refuses, but by the end he accepts the invitation.  When Olivia leaves the room for a moment, Jake threatens her dad to leave the country and hide, revealing he knows about Harrison's death.  Eli comes right back at him, saying that he will be the one standing over Jake when he dies.   
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 And don't forget about...
How to Get Away with Murder
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Smile or Go to Jail
   Lila Stangard
  In the flash back side of the story, there's a lot that happens.  Keating's (ex) boyfriend is looking for proof Sam killed Lila Stangard.  She needs to know if he did it before she takes on Griffin O'Reilly as a client.  He ends up lying to her, saying Sam is clear of any proof.
  Something Keating doesn't know is that Wes visited Rebecca and played "Lawyer", and wasn't really happy about it at first.  At the end of the episode, she takes the trophy from Connor and gives it to Wes.  She also announces that Rebecca will be her new client.  What's the twist to this?  Rebecca just confessed for a crime she didn't commit.
  In other news, Michaela found out that her fiancee had a quick fling with Connor.  He keeps being a jerk and taunts her about it the whole time.  She ends up getting second thoughts about the wedding, but her fiancee reassures her that it's all okay.  But is it really?  He never told her about it even though he probably should have.  What does that say about how much she can trust him?  Annalise warns Michaela about making sure she chooses the right husband.
  On the flash forward side of the story, they go back for the body, but first decide their solid alibi will be the bonfire!  My favorite quote was from Connor and was nicely said, "smile or go to Jail".   After they leave from burning the body, Michaela lost her ring.  Uh oh!

According to the preview, tonight is supposed to be a good one, especially Viola Davis' last 9 words.  Don't miss it!

Now that you're caught up, don't miss TGIT tonight starting at 8/7c on ABC!

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