Oct 14, 2014

Top Ten Tuesday ~ Places books have made me want to visit

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This weeks topic: Places books have made me want to visit

10 ~ The North Carolina Coast

Nicholas Sparks loves to set his books in NC and especially on the coast.  Although I have been to a few locations on the cost of this great state, I would love to see more of it as no two places are the same and I love beaches!

9 ~ Forks Washington

Whether you want to admit it or not, if you have ever been a Twilight fan you have wanted to visit Forks Washington!  I would love to just go and see the locations that were in the books and movie and just see this small little town home to the Cullen family.

8 ~ Paris
I have never felt more like I could go to a place described in a book and know my way around than I did with this series.  Amy Plum is so descriptive, yet not overly so, that I could draw a map of the areas in Paris that are in this series.

7 ~ St. Vladimir's Academy

I would love to visit this gorgeous campus and hang out with the students from the Vampire Academy series.  I know I would love to take a course with Dimitri while I'm there as well.

6 ~ New Orleans

This series by Rachel Harris made me want to visit New Orleans and sample the tasty cuisine described in the book as well as see other areas of beautiful Louisiana.

5 ~ Camp I Can

Although I'm not one for too much camping, I would love to visit and maybe even be a counselor at the camp setting of this book.  The characters that are there are what would make me want to go and be a part of this fun atmosphere.

4 ~ India
This series made me really want to visit India.  I think it would be such a different world there.  I would love to go and explore everything it has to offer.

3 ~ Fablehaven
This series and all of it's preserves, although dangerous, is a world I would love to explore.  

2 ~ Hogwarts

From the time I took my first ride across the water with Harry to Hogwarts castle I knew it was somewhere I would love to visit.  From there, to Hogsmede, to Diagon Alley I would love to spend some time being one of Harry's friends.

1 ~ Crescent Cove, California

This is the #1 fictional destination I wish existed so I could visit.  Crescent Cove, CA is a small beach town where the Drenaline Surf series is set and there is nowhere I can think of that I would rather be.  I love the setting of this series and the characters are so vividly written I feel like they are my friends.  I'm sure I could easily slip into a life living in this epic location.

That's it for me this week!  Leave me your links so I can see where you would most like to visit!


  1. I was secretly hoping I made your list. I kept scrolling and scrolling... and there are my pretty little books as your NUMBER ONE. My heart is so happy. Thank you! <3

    1. You know how much I love Crescent Cove! I would move there and be a pauper just so could put up a booth next to Enchanted Emily and sell my beaded watchbands and bracelets, then we can go to the beach for a night surf with the Hooligans and AJ can swear up a storm at all the stupid stuff that goes on. That's the dream right there! <3

  2. I had Hogwarts and Paris too! I'd love to go to Prague, Greece, Narnia, Creepy Hollow..... so many places. If only :)

    1. There are so many places. I would love to go to London as well. So many places I would love to travel to if I had unlimited funds! Thanks for stopping by today!

  3. I think Hogwarts has made everyone's list this week! I was thinking of Nicholas Sparks when doing this post actually. North Carolina looks beautiful especially Rodanthe. Great list :)

    Becca @ Lost in Thought
    MY TTT

    1. That's because who doesn't want to go to Hogwarts?!?! NC is beautiful and I would love to explore it more since it is where I live (I'm 4 hours from the coast though) We have visited Southport where Safe Haven is set and filmed. It is the cutest little town ever! One day I will make a list and we will just have to drive up the coast and see them all! Thanks for stopping by Becca!

  4. meeeps. I can't believe Camp I Can made your list. Pack your green thong, baby.

  5. Augusta, GA ... the Garden of Good & Evil ~surfboard via Toucan's acct