Oct 2, 2014

#TGIT Recap Week 1

Shondaland's Thursday Night Lineup just started last Thursday and IT. WAS. AWESOME!  We know that there's a lot that goes on each show and that means that there's a lot to forget with a week in between episodes.  Here's a good summary for each one so you can be ready to watch the next episodes tonight!

First off...
Grey's Anatomy
I Must Have Lost It On The Wind
 Meredith is not going with Derek to Washington D.C.  Maggie, the new head of Cardio, just told Richard her mom was Ellis Grey.  Richard has broken up with Jackson's mom.  Cristina is gone and has left behind her shares and position on the board to Alex.  In spite of this, Richard has recommended Dr. Bailey to take Cristina's place.
 Since Meredith and Derek just had an argument about moving, the only person she has left to confide in is Alex.  She shows up at his house (her old house) in the middle of the night, kicking Jo out of the bed.  This is only the beginning of what will become a new friendship for these two. The only question is, will it have any effect on Alex's relationship with Jo?
 Next, Richard is at an AA meeting of some sort and talks about having a daughter he never knew about until that night.  What he doesn't see until after is that Amelia, Derek's sister (who is also taking his place since he's moving), was there.  Now he is worried she'll say something, but she has assured him that won't be a problem.  Hopefully they'll both have awesome story lines for this season!
 With Cristina gone, Owen is lonely.  Kepner has made it her mission to get him some guy friends, convincing Jackson, Derek, and Richard to ask him out for a bro's night out.  Whilst all of this is going on, Alex and Bailey argue about who gets the spot on the board.  At the end of the episode, we find out that the board has to have a vote to decide who gets it.  Also, Callie and Arizona talk more about surrogacy. By the time Callie has come around to the idea, Arizona tells her she is seriously considering taking up an offer for "a new challenge".
 Meredith's case of the day is a man who is found lost in the desert, which becomes a problem when Maggie wants to run her tests, but Meredith won't let her because she needs to fix other problems, run her tests, etc.  Ultimately, because Maggie's tests were never run, problems arise in the operating room.  Ultimately, things should end up okay.  Meredith and Lexi weren't besties on day one either.
 Derek decides to stay because he doesn't want to miss watching his kids grow up as well as be away from Meredith while it's happening.  Meredith is surprised by this and goes to get a drink.  Surprisingly enough, she orders a tequila, which is what her half sister Maggie ordered.

IF you thought THAT was good... 
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Randy, Red, Superfreak and Julia
 Basically, Shonda Rhimes took OPA and hit the reset button!  Instead of Huck, Abby, Quinn, Olivia, and Harrison... we have Randy, Red, Superfreak and Julia.  Where's Harrison?  Well, "Julia" and Jake are living 100 miles off the coast of Zanzibar... until they find out he's dead.  They then return to D.C. in order to plan his funeral.  Quinn, who's called "Superfreak" by Abby, is the one who found these two, and she is the last one left at OPA.  Huck, now "Randy", works at the "Smart Counter" at an electronic hardware store, still fixing people's problems.  Abby has been promoted to being the new press secretary at the White House, her and David have also broken up... again.  "Red", as her co-workers call her, is not happy with Olivia for leaving, and blames her for Harrison's death.  Fitz (nicknamed "Fitz 2.0") is pushing a new agenda which has involved reforming almost his whole Cabinet as well as an "Equal Pay Bill" for men and women.  Mellie is still grieving Jerry's death months later.
 Cyrus is having some fun confrontations with "Lizzie Bear" (Portia de Rossi) who is trying to get Fitz back on a more "republican" track, and hopefully she's here to stay.  Papa Pope is a dirty little liar!  He claims to have nothing to do with Harrison's death and that he killed Mama Pope.  Everyone from OPA attends Harrison's funeral, and it's probably the most depressing scene of the evening.  Papa Pope is spotted by Jake at the end of the scene, watching from afar in a black car.  Pretty mysterious...
 Throughout the episode, Olivia takes a case (on and off) with a lady senator who claims to have attacked another fellow senator because he tried to rape her.  When she stumbles over details when questioned, Olivia knows she's lying.  Later, she finds out that it was actually the senator's assistant. She was sent in as bait with hopes that it would help pass the Equal Pay Bill.
 Probably the best scene of the night is where Fitz and Mellie talk on the White House balcony.  Mellie threatens to jump off, but "she's not Fitz", but his suicide attempt is "just another thing to add to the list".  When he tells her that Olivia is back, she tells him to tell her when he sees her because "she's not monitoring him anymore".  The best line of the night is delivered by Drunk Mellie (of course) who tells Fitz "It's 1976 down there".
 By the end of the episode, OPA is back together, or at least on good terms with each other.  They have their own case to take care of now, the victim of sexual assault.  Consequently, this is helping with the passing of the Equal Pay Bill.  David has become the new Attorney General, which makes Lizzie Bear very unhappy.  Fitz and Olivia have a quick moment passing by each other, which is the last thing we see.

 Last, but not least...
How to Get Away with Murder
This was a great show, and we're only one episode in! These shows do a good job of making it feel like you already know the characters and the story, even if it IS the first episode.  Obviously, you don't, and that's what makes all the surprises so... surprising!  We start the story with four college students talking about covering up a murder that they most likely committed.  Throughout the whole episode you can't help but wonder who it is!  Once the deliberation ends, we flash back to three months prior.  Wes Gibbins is on his way to Criminal Law 100 (after only being accepted two days before) where we meet the amazing Annalise Keating (Viola Davis) who likes to call the class, wait for it, "How to Get Away with Murder".  From the moment he walked into the class, Wes is the underdog, which is not good considering Keating picks four students to come work for her.
 Annalise Keating is not only a teacher, she has her own firm, and she tests her students to help with a real case in order to choose her four students.  She has two associates, Frank, who associate number two, Bonnie says "needs to stop banging the students".  He may even be having a thing for a "know-it-all" student named Laurel Castillo. *Special Fun Fact: Bonnie Winterbottom is played by Liza Weil, who was Amanda Tanner on Scandal!  While trying to think through all of this Wes's next door neighbor, Rebecca is very loud and rude, even though she warms up to him by the end of the episode.  She argues with a guy once about something, but we don't know what it is.  At the end, a missing girl's body is found in a sorority house, and they may have something to do with it.  (Dun dun duuuuun!)
 Connor Walsh and Michaela Pratt are the two people who produce the best evidence that contributed to winning the case.  They just happen to be engaged, (maybe) although something must split them apart in the next three months because she can't stand him by that time.  Maybe she finds out he got his evidence by cheating on her... with a guy.  Speaking of which, Annalise has a husband that she just happens to cheat on too.  Wes walked in on her doing it with her boyfriend, who she will sooner question in court.  According to her, trying to have a baby put too much pressure on their marriage.  While she tells him this, you can't help but feel the tension between the two, maybe something will happen there...
 By the end, the "chosen ones" of the class were Connor (who is the winner of the competition and the new owner of what ends up being the murder weapon), Asher, Michaela, Laura, and a special addition, Wes!  Wes only thinks he made it because he walked in on her, but she immediately puts that theory to rest.  Finally, we go back to the students setting the body on fire.  *Gasp* It's Keating's husband!  I can't wait to see what happens throughout the next three months leading to this murder.

There you have it!  Now that you're caught up, don't miss TGIT tonight starting at 8/7c on ABC!

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