Oct 23, 2014

#TGIT Recap Week 4

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Shondaland's Thursday Night Lineup continues.  We know that there's a lot that goes on each show, which means that there's a lot to forget each week. Here's a good summary for each so you can be ready to watch the next episodes tonight!  This #TGIT Recap starts in 3... 2... 1...

To start things off...
Grey's Anatomy
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Only Mama Knows
  This episode focused a lot on what happened back in 1983 when Ellis got pregnant.  Ellis and Richard decide to tell their spouses that it's over.  Only Ellis ends up doing so and on the following day they meet at the carousel and break up.  Ellis tries to kill herself, but 5 year old Meredith calls 9-1-1 and saves her.  Why did Richard spontaneously break up with her?  He didn't want to live in jealousy in whole life, which is respectable.
  At the beginning of the episode, Meredith is watching her mom's Harper-Avery Award acceptance speech.  The next morning, they talk about D.C. once again and Meredith tells him again to take the job and go so they can both shine.  He ends up saying she's just like her mother, which doesn't go over well and later on she does the same thing to him.
  Despite the fact he lost the fight for the board seat, Ales is still hired again.  When he finds out the vote was unanimous, he asks around trying to find why.  Arizona ends up telling him that it's so he can take her job while she's a fellow.  Meanwhile, Maggie has told the board she's quitting.  Bailey, the new board member, keeps questioning Richard about it because they've been hanging out a lot.  He gives in and tells her Maggie is his daughter, which gives Bailey relief. 
  Derek is also on a mission to find out why Maggie is leaving.  She keeps on telling him to talk to Meredith about it.  After many times of asking, she finally just tells him that she's Meredith's sister.  He immediately welcomes her warmly into the family by giving her a big hug.  This weirds her out a little because she hasn't had this happen yet.
  Meredith gets one of her mother's journals from Richard to help with putting things together.  She shares what she found with Maggie at the end and they have a cool half-sister bonding time.  At the very end, we go back to Ellis' speech.  The question "Where were we?" follows a long pause.

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Like Father, Like Daughter
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    First Daughter Karen, now played by actress Mary Mouser (who did a really good job BTW), calls Olivia to pick her sorry drunk self up at a party.  On the helicopter ride home, they discover a sex tape starring Karen and two random guys from the party.  When they find the one boy's parents, they ask for money in return for deleting the video.  When they meet again to make the deal, they ask for more money. Olivia ends up threatening to press charges for child pornography, and they immediately get rid of it and end up losing their $2.5 million in the process.
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  Mellie is back to her new norm.  When she sees Olivia in the White House, she freaks out and goes to argue with Fitz in the Oval Office.  He gives her a nice long rant, as you can see in the picture above.  Once Fitz and Olivia get their first moment in the Oval together, he asks her why she'd leave everyone all by herself.  She made the mistake of not going along with it.  That's okay though, because once they kiss she tells him Jake went with her.
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  Tom and Rowan have a nice meeting in the park.  Tom has to kill Jake because he knows too much, and if he doesn't succeed, he'll take Jake's place.  Jake goes to sit with Tom once Rowan leaves in order to get him on his side.  After this, Jake goes to visit David and asks him to reveal the B613 files to the public if anything happens to him.
  Uh Oh!  Red flags go up concerning Tom's whereabouts on the campaign trail.  He gets taken in for questioning and no more than a minute into the interrogation, Rowan walks in.  Tom is forced into telling the truth since there is solid evidence he killed Jerry.  What he lies about is Jake Ballard giving him the order to get the virus.  Jake is obviously arrested ASAP and sent to some secret location we don't know about yet.  It'll probably be the same place that they sent Huck to in season 2 for "attempting to kill the President".

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 What are the last 9 words? 
How to Get Away with Murder
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Let's Get to Scooping
    Defending Rebecca seems pretty hard right now since she was forced into confessing for a crime she didn't commit.  Throughout the episode, Bonnie tries her hardest to get the confession tape.  She finally has to get it through blackmailing the guy in charge of evidence.  What did she blackmail him with you ask?  Well, she just happened to see Keating's ex boyfriend snooping around in Sam's car.  Once they get the tape, it's quickly proved that it wasn't the truth and the good guys have one again!
  This episode was focused more on Connor, mainly on the flash back side of the story.  On the flash forward part of the story, he cheats on his IT guy with another one in order to get information on the current case that day.  That guy shouldn't be a problem anymore because he killed himself shortly after he was made.
  Flashback Connor has completely lost it!  He's acting very crazy and he's just being weird right now.  The next morning, he heads over to IT guy's house and starts having a panic attack, saying he's completely screwed up.
  Back to the flash forward side of the story.  Wes finally found out was was on Lila's phone from Rebecca.  He decided to take it to Keating after that, and she makes it clear that nobody but the three of them can know about it.  After a whole minute-long dramatic scene of her taking off all her makeup, Sam walks in and she asks him her last nine words of the night.  I'm not going to tell you what they are though because that kind of ruins the mystery of the nine words.  Plus, if you already seen it... you know what they are.  

There you have it!  Now that you're caught up, don't miss TGIT tonight starting at 8/7c on ABC!

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