Jan 29, 2015

#TGIT Recap Week 9 ~ Winter Finale Recap

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Shondaland's Thursday Night Lineup returns tonight!  CONGRATULATIONS! YOU'VE MADE IT THROUGH THE PAST TWO MONTHS!  Since we've been recapping each show individually for the past month, we're going to give the most important points to remember for tonight.  If you would like to read the full recap, click on the name of the show.  This #TGIT Winter Finale Recap starts in 3... 2... 1...

Too Many Problems...
First off, Meredith and Derek's argument over his job may have finally come to an end when he takes the job in D.C.
Amelia faces problems from her past.  She tells Owen her story about drugs and they start to bond.
Jo has finally confronted Alex about her problem with Meredith.  He says that his house is always open to those who need it and everything is okay with them now.
Bailey is still adapting to her new healthy lifestyle.  She also helps Richard out with Maggie and her advice works.
Callie is getting farther into her trials and ends up getting a soldier to try on a robotic leg by the end.
Arizona wants to know more about what's going on with Herman and her tumor.  Herman says it's inoperable, but Amy tells Arizona that she can remove it all and save her life.  Callie and Arizona both share a moment with each other where they act like things are normal and then reality comes right back.
April and Jackson's baby is very close to birth and Edwards sees something bad on the ultrasound.  Herman says its a rare birth defect that involves small, weak bones.  The baby doesn't survive for more than a couple weeks maximum.  Jackson walks in right after their conversation has ended and wants to know what's wrong.

Where on Earth is Olivia Pope? (AGAIN!)
Where the Sun Don't Shine

B613 is currently being shut down, and Mama Pope is found.  Olivia wants her father dead and she tries to use her for information, but she doesn't help at all.
Huck may be finally fixing up things with Kim.  Charlie gives him a bunch of B613 files for her to read, so we'll see how things go with that.
Photos of Cyrus and Michael get out and it's the big D.C. scandal everyone's talking about.  They end up getting engaged by the end because of a big push from Olivia.
Charlie and Quinn do adult things, and then she discovers he has her kill card and they fight.  Everyone's okay and they've made up again.
Rowan pays Olivia a visit and she shoots him with a gun, but it's not loaded. He's both shocked in a  bad way and leaves.  
Huck and Quinn discover that Lizzy Bear and VP Andrew want a war with West Angola.
Fitz has decided not to go to war with West Angola.  Andrew goes to talk to Fitz in the Oval Office.  He basically tells Fitz that he should start the war with West Angola or else...
Jake visits Olivia and she tells them (while they're dancing around) that she's not choosing him or Fitz right now, just her.  They of course start preparing for adult things and Jake leaves the room.  25 seconds later, Olivia is gone!  

 *Spoiler Alert* Sam is Killed!
Kill Me, Kill Me, Kill Me

Okay, obviously the first thing to remember is that Sam attacked Rebecca because she had information that proves he killed Lila.  He was killed shortly thereafter.  Whodunit?  It was Wes, by the staircase, with the trophy!  
Bonnie was fired, but then she came back to work for Annalise the next day.  Oh yeah, she also (awkwardly) slept with Asher that night.
Michaela hands her mother in law her signed prenup and apologizes, promising that this kind of behavior won't happen again.  They also were never able to find her ring, so this could end up being their downfall, as well as the fact they didn't incinerate the body.
Connor tells Oliver (the tech guy) that he has a drug problem.  He gets called to the Keating residence before anything else can be explained.
Sam destroys Rebecca's flash drive with the evidence on it because now it ties them to the murder.  Rebecca remains at the motel as Wes goes to the Keating residence.
Everybody is called there to answer questions for the police because Sam is "missing".
Flashback to the night before... Wes goes back to get the trophy and tells Sam he's sorry. Annalise says "don't be".  That's right!  Annalise knows about the murder!

There you have it! TGIT IS BACK TONIGHT starting at 
8/7c on ABC!  Watch tonight or hate yourself tomorrow! ;)

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