Jan 22, 2015

#TGIT Recap Week 9 ~ How to get Away with Murder Winter Finale

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We are only one week away from the return of TGIT!  For the past two weeks, we have been recapping each show individually.  This week, we end things with the recap of the new hit drama How to get Away with Murder!
This How to get Away with Murder Recap Starts in 3... 2... 1...

Kill Me, Kill Me, Kill Me
Sam and Annalise fight about everything, including his kiss with Bonnie.  Out of her anger, Annalise brings up her fling with Nate.  In a very intense scene, Sam has her up against the wall with his hands on her neck.  She's basically taunting him to kill her, just as he did Lila.  He ends up letting go and she storms out.  As Annalise drives away, Rebecca watches from afar, flash drive in hand.
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Before the Murder
The group follows Rebecca to the house and Wes brings up that Sam killed Lila, which is why it's important for them to find her.  Michaela comes in with the trophy and Sam tells her she should leave, but she insists on staying.  A minute later Rebecca comes in and Sam chases her upstairs.  Michaela calls Wes and tells him that Sam and Rebecca are fighting and that they need to come over immediately.  Everybody makes it up to the house and quickly runs upstairs.  Wes calms Sam down while Rebecca gets the rest of the files she needs while in the bathroom.  Once she's out, they go to leave.  Sam attacks the two of them as they do this and as they take the fight out to the hall, Michaela pushes him off the top of the stairs.  He's presumably dead.
As everyone debates about what to do, Rebecca leaves the room for a minute.  A few seconds later, Sam starts choking her and is hit in the back of the head with the trophy.  
Michaela definitely doesn't have it... Laurel doesn't have it... Connor doesn't have it... Wes has it!

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After the Murder
Everything we've seen before starts happening.  Sam cleans up Rebecca, and as they get ready to leave, Asher comes up to the house.  
Asher is walking through the crowd and has a good time at the bonfire.  Bonnie goes to the bar and meets some creep and is thinking about going home with him.
Rebecca and Wes talk at the motel about her taking the blame for Sam's death.  Wes walks to the woods and decides to go back for the trophy.  He picks it up and says he's sorry to Sam's corpse.
We now return to the very first scene of the show in the woods. They debate about what to do again and then Wes lies about the coin flip, so they go back to get the body.  Laurel catches Michaela trying to call her fiancĂ©e again right before she cleans the trophy.
Annalise comes over to see Nate and tells him everything.  She thinks Sam killed Lila and feels bad about it because she tried to protect him.  Nate tells her that she should stay, so she makes a call to Sam.  He (obviously) doesn't answer his phone, so she stays.  They start to do adult things while Sam's body is being rolled up in the rug.
Bonnie is making out with creepy guy as well while this is happening, and apparently he's in dental equipment sales.  She leaves and calls Asher asks if she can come over to his apartment.  When they meet at his place she is blatantly asking for adult things.  She's a grown woman who knows what she wants when she wants it.  They have a hilariously sad, awkward time doing adult things.  It's definitely the most entertaining adult scene of the night.
Annalise goes back home and leaves Sam a serious voice mail as the group burns the body and finishes the process by putting him into bags.  Michaela loses her ring.  They put Sam's remnants in the trash (which Wes is not happy about because he suggested an incinerator) and she still hasn't found it.  The two of us at The Sarcastic Palmtree believe that it's a good possibility two things could be their downfall.  They never found the ring, which could be hanging out with the trash.  If these two things are found and put together, everything could go down in flames.

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The Morning After
Wes destroys the flash drive and Rebecca freaks, but it's the only thing left tying them to the murder.  Bonnie tells Asher that it never happened and she get the frantic phone call from Annalise.  Connor goes to visit Oliver and has his total freak out session.  After he showers, he says that he's got a drug problem and then gets a text to come to Annalise's house.  Laurel tells Frank that she stole the trophy from Asher and that she needed him to fix the problem.  Michaela apologizes to her mother in law  about her actions the night before and hands her the signed prenup.  
Everybody meets at the house.  Asher tells them that they're horrible liars and he isn't happy about them going to the bonfire without him, as well as the stolen trophy.  Frank says that the trophy is back up for grabs.  Annalise comes out of her room and starts telling them about Sam being M.I.A.  The police arrive and she tells them they're going to be questioned about Sam.  She asks for their cooperation and gives Wes a look.
Flashback to when Wes gets the trophy... He says "I'm sorry".  Then, we hear the words "don't be" and see the one and only  Annalise Keating as she is sitting at her desk.  Yes, this means that she's been playing everyone for about half of the episode.  We're also pretty sure that she helped plan everything to clean up the murder, which is why the trash bags could be a possible loose end.

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So that's it... Only one more week to go!  You can make it!  Come back next week to see the TGIT Winter Finale sum up so you can be ready when it returns!

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