Jan 15, 2015

#TGIT Recap Week 9 ~ Scandal Winter Finale

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This week, we continue the exciting three week recap of each show with the amazing Scandal!  If you thought last week was good... You're in for so much more!
This Scandal Winter Finale Recap Starts in 3... 2... 1...

Where the Sun Don't Shine
Fitz and Jake are arguing as we enter the finale.  Olivia sits on the couch in the background. The special SWAT team (or whatever it is) is currently searching through Wonderland.  When they get to Rowan's office, there is nothing left but a dinosaur skeleton without a head.  Here it is... The moment we've all been waiting nine episodes for... They find Mama Pope in the hole!  She thinks that Olivia is going to protect her but she does the exact opposite.  She tells Jake and the President to charge her and hunt her father down and kill him.
Somebody tries to attack Jake and he finds something called a "Kill Card".  It's the "shutdown procedure for B613" because who likes having a loose end?  This also means that there's a good possibility Olivia is serious danger.  In light of this, Jake teaches her where to shoot someone with a gun.  He tells her that this is their chance to go away and stand in the sun together.  She replies, saying that the sun has gone down and it's never coming back up.  
All I have to say to that is...

Quinn tells Olivia about the conspiracy and the Lizzy Bear has a thing going on with the VP!  Lizzy Bear storms in to OPA and is not happy about them lying to her about her phone.  Olivia heads to the White House to warn them about what's coming with the conspiracy.  Mellie is obviously not happy to find out about Lizzy Bear and Andrew.  Lizzy Bear releases photos of Cyrus and Michael the Prositute while this is going on.  Chaos ensues in the media and what is the only way to fix this problem?  They have to get married, but of course Cyrus can't do that because he still loves James.  In a very intense and emotional scene, Cyrus resigns and Fitz unwillingly accepts it.  Later on in the episode, Olivia visits Cyrus.  They get very serious and in each others faces.  She talks to him as if she were Cyrus, asking if he's gonna be another bitch baby.  He quickly responds saying he's nobody's bitch baby.  He decides to suck it up and get married so he can get his job back, and the media eats it all up.
Amid all the chaos, David decides to start up an investigation.  He questions Abby about the night Cyrus deleted all the evidence against him.  That also just happened to be the night that she kissed Leo Bergen.  They go off the record for a minute and she warns him that they may want to move on to the next question, but he tells her to go on anyway.  She tells him that Leo is her alibi and that she was at his house the whole night!  David is obviously hurt and ends things there.

Huck goes to see Javi, who just witnessed him kill someone.  Kim won't let him come in and freaks out.  Quinn watches this happen from afar.  Meanwhile, Quinn talks to Charlie and warns him about  the Kill Cards.  Little does she know, he has her card!  They do some adult things and when she finds the card afterward.  They fight because she's obviously pissed and he still has to finish the job.  After they fight, she apologizes for not calling more "but [he] ruined Huck's life".  He tells her that he can help by giving Huck some B613 files that he saved for insurance.  Huck shows up at Kim's doorstep with a few boxes of these files and asks her to read them.

Jake is searching for Rowan and ends up finding just an empty room.  As Olivia enters her apartment, she finds a surprise... Rowan is sitting at her table!  They talk a little, he reminisces of a happier moment in their life and then the conversation turns into their normal argument ("You're a power hungry person incapable of love--" "Could you be any more ungrateful?").  During Rowan's side of the argument, Olivia grabs the gun that he set on the table before it started.  There's a good 15-20 seconds of debating whether or not to shoot him whilst he's taunting her.  After those long, tension filled seconds... She SHOOTS him!  If only he could go that quickly...right?  ;)  It turns out that there's no bullet in the gun and he is surprised, shocked, flabbergasted, etc. that she would do that. He finishes the conversation and leaves.

Olivia visits her mother again, after all she has a "PhD in his crazy".  She obviously wants to know where her father could've gone, just something that could help find him.  Mama Pope doesn't have to say anything, and she doesn't.  All she does is compare her daughter to her father, and they actually have a lot in common.  She tells her that she will come visit every day just like her father did back at B613.  Olivia storms out of the room.

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Fitz officially makes his decision and will not go to war with West Angola.  Lizzy Bear goes to talk to Mellie, saying that she thought they were on the same page.  Mellie tells her that she knows about her and Andrew and tells her she needs to get over him.  Back at OPA, Quinn and Huck figure everything out.  The conspiracy's goal is to start a war with West Angola.   The Vice President has a conversation with Fitz.  He starts talking about the war and that he thinks he now has the right motivation for Fitz.  
Jake goes to visit Olivia, they're both still not completely over what's happened concerning Rowan.  She starts dancing and asks him to forget about everything and join her.  While they're dancing, she says that she wants Vermont with Fitz, but she also wants The Sun with Jake, but for right now she's choosing Olivia.  After dancing, they kiss and start preparing for adult activities on the piano.  Jake leaves the room to get a pillow and Olivia is gone when he comes back.  Cut back to the VP asking Fitz what he would do to get back the thing he loves most.  It sounds like we're going to war, but we don't know for sure yet.  Now let's return to Jake at Olivia's apartment.  He finds her glass of red wine spilled on the cream colored couch and is worried. Yeah... I'd be freaking out too because that's gonna leave a massive stain!  ;)
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So that's it for this week!  Hope we helped you cope with your TGITWD! Come back next week to see our recap of the amazing How to Get Away with Murder Winter Finale!

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