Jan 8, 2015

#TGIT Recap Week 9 ~ Grey's Anatomy Winter Finale

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We hope you had a great holiday season!  The TGIT Winter Finale was almost two months ago and it was amazing!  For the next three weeks, we will be recapping each show individually per week.  This week, we will be starting with the one and only, the legendary Grey's Anatomy.
This Grey's Anatomy Winter Finale Recap Starts in 3... 2... 1...

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Nobody's memory is perfect or complete.  We jumble things up, we lose track of time.  We're in one place, then another, and it all feels like one long, inescapable moment.  It's just like my mother used to say, "the carousel never stops turning"...
So what does it mean?  What do we take away?  Which pieces will haunt us?  Hurt us?  End us?  Inspire us?  It's just like my mother used to say, "the carousel never stops turning".  You can't get off.
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There was lots of drama between Meredith and Derek this week as things start to resolve, but become even more complicated.  In the beginning of the episode, Maggie pages Meredith for a consult on a patient that Derek and her are fighting about.  Meredith takes Maggie's side.  After multiple confrontations between Maggie and Derek, Owen decides to run tests on the heart of the patient to see which one of them should operate first, as there is problems with the heart and the brain.  Later on, Derek asks for Richard's opinion, which is when Meredith believes Derek thinks she took Maggie's side just to spite him.  Before the surgery, Derek tries to pull rank and Maggie totally calls him out on it, saying that since she's the head of her department, she's got the rank.  During the surgery, Derek and Richard talk to each other in the peanut gallery as they watch it all happen.  Derek says the he's given Meredith enough reason for her to think he's working against her and Richard points out that the sisters are both so much like their mother.  Meredith talks to Alex about the surgery with doubts.  He tells her to think about if she'd make the same decision if it was another doctor, which helps.  The surgery ended up being a complete success, no problems with the heart or the brain of the patient girl.
Okay, let's rewind all the way back to the beginning of that day.  Derek gets a visitor from Washington D.C named Deborah.  She says the President doesn't like being told "no" and that she can't leave until she gets a yes from him, and she needs to get back home to feed her dog.  Derek says it's a shame because he won't say yes.  At the end of the day, once all of the events in the prior paragraph have taken place, Meredith and Derek fight once again about everything that's happened since what feels like the beginning of time.  As they walk out of the hospital, she tells him to take the job.  He calls the D.C. girl right in front of Meredith and accepts the job.  She tells him to leave... now! 

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Amy tells Owen her whole story with drugs and that she's been clean ever since then.  She says that she wanted him to hear it from her because she actually likes him.  Owen asks if she's got people to help her later on in the episode and she tells him yes.  She asks him if he does and says to let him know if he ever needs people.  Could this become something more?  We'll have to wait and see...

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Jo is not taking things well with Meredith spending more time with Alex than she is.  She finally confronts him about it that night.  He tells her that the house was always open to him and to anyone who needed it.  As long as he owns the house, it will always stay open, which is something he thinks she should understand well.  After this explanation, Jo is okay with it now.

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Bailey is helping Richard with his Maggie problems.  She's decided to turn a new leaf and become more healthy, which is good.  While she's trying to get in her billion steps and giving Richard advice, she tells him in a "kale rage" that he should quit apologizing to Maggie and maybe he'll get somewhere.  When he actually puts her advice into action, it works, and Maggie wants to know even more from Richard.  What a surprise that is!  

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Callie is running some exercise games between two soldiers to see who gets to try her awesome robotic leg first.  Owen is worried about the competitiveness, but Callie reassures it's just a little bit of friendly competition.  When the winning soldier is trying the mechanical leg the first time, it's a success.  He wants to try the stairs, but the doctors say it's enough for the day.  The other soldier friend pushes him to try it and he falls, hitting his head on a bar and blood is everywhere.  He's in a coma and Owen makes Callie try to get the other guy to start on a leg as a result.  The other soldier refuses to do it, but Owen pushes her to get him back.  He eventually starts trying it on in the end, and is just as successful.

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There is a lot going on with Arizona and her fellowship.  Arizona wants to know more because she's worried about something going wrong in the operating room, but all Herman tells her is that it's inoperable.  Arizona pretends to be Amy's fellow on the phone to get Herman's medical information, but Amy intercepts the files and is now involved.  Amy takes a closer look towards the end of the episode and tells Arizona that she thinks she can remove the tumor and save her life!  Graham is constantly kissing up to Herman and we soon see Arizona walking in on them doing adult like things, one of many side effects Amy listed.  Arizona talks to Graham, telling him not to take advantage, but he said Herman initiated it.  Herman freaks out on her when she finds out Arizona talked to him, saying that it's not a symptom of a tumor, but a symptom of dying soon.  Some time in the middle of the episode, Callie and Arizona talk for a minute about their problems, pretending that nothing has happened.  Arizona asks if Callie misses her, and she says yes.  Arizona gets up and says that it's obviously not enough.

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The long awaited baby of April and Jackson is coming very soon!  Edwards does an ultrasound and April says she doesn't want to know the sex of the baby.  Edwards reveals the sex of the baby while saying he's sitting like a little Buddha inside her stomach.  Jackson walks in and they talk for a minute while Edwards is looking closer at the ultrasound and finds something that doesn't look too god, but they're both gone before she can say anything.  She later asks Arizona to look at it and she says that they should get another opinion from Herman.  Herman finally tells us what the problem is.  It's a rare birth defect that involves small weak bones and the baby doesn't normally survive for more than a couple weeks at most.  She says the only thing that they can do now is be there for April.  Edwards gives April a hug that night and says she's sorry, but she sill doesn't tell her anything.  This is a bad move because she talks to Herman late and Jackson walks in right as she talks about the "little Buddha".  Now he wants to know what's wrong, of course. 
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So that's it!  Now you're caught up so you can wait with the rest of us!  Hopefully, this was just a refresher for you and it will help with your Grey's cravings!  ;)  Come back next week to see our recap of the epic Scandal winter finale!

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