Nov 20, 2014

#TGIT Recap Week 8

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Shondaland's Thursday Night Lineup TGIT will have its winter finale tonight!  It's been a crazy nine weeks so far, and we can't wait to see how it ends! Naturally, there's a lot more that goes on each show before the winter finale, which means that there was even more to forget or miss last week. Here's are the main points from last week's episodes so!  This #TGIT Recap starts in 3... 2... 1...

Babies, Drugs, and More Drama...
Grey's Anatomy
Can We Start Again, Please?
  Amy's sobriety comes into question when someone from Narcotics Anonymous breaks the most important rule and it almost makes her lose her job as a result.  Everybody in the hospital is talking about it, or whispering is more like it.  Richard helps her through the ordeal.
  Derek is asked by Owen if Amy should be Chief of Neurosurgery and he hesitates and doesn't even give an answer.  Amy is not happy about this and Derek promises to fix it, and he does.  At the end, he tries to apologize and says he doesn't know who he is anymore.  He's miserable and he hurts the people he doesn't want to hurt.  Amy tells him that he's hit rock bottom.
  Arizona decides to go through with Herman's deal.  When Herman goes M.I.A., Arizona has to handle a case on her own the way she knew how. She has Kepner help her work on closing up the mother, who ends up dying.  She has a deep talk with Jackson later on, saying she's not worried because she's got her faith.  
  Meredith apologizes to Maggie for the dinner incident.  She ends up forgiving her and they go out for dinner at the end of the episode.  Also, be happy because Jo successfully did her first surgery by herself!  She doubted herself and Bailey, who stood in on the procedure, played on her fear before she told her everything was okay.  
  Arizona walks in to Alex's house with her stuff, asking if she can stay and he, of course, tells her she can.  The awkward part... everyone, including Callie was there and just pointed out everyone was related through sex.  Jo is just sitting in the other room, and she needs to get over her problems with not having all the Alex time she used to have.  

It's all coming together!
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The Last Supper
  Jake spends most of the episode in the bunker because Rowan can't know he's free.  He fights with Fitz multiple times about various things, but Olivia is always at the core of their arguments.  Later on, Fitz and Olivia share a kiss with only a wall between them and Jake.  
  Lizzy Bear goes to Olivia to help find out who's bugged her phone.  Olivia finds out that Cyrus is the one and she also finds out about Michael, the prostitute.  It turns out he never really shared information with Liz because he cares about Cyrus.
  At the White House, Mellie and VP Andrew are starting up their affair again.  Why?  Because he almost died from a car bomb and it made her realize how much she loved him and wanted to see him again.  They do adult-like things a couple times during the episode.  Also, David is turning in the B613 files to help with Jake's case.
  Huck takes Javi on a stakeout.  They're watching Lizzy Bear's secret apartment.  Hu sends Javi to go grab ice cream while adult business goes on.  First, Kubiak, who Quinn has been watching for forever, but does nothing; he is the last connection to the key and pictures of Olivia.  He walks in to Liz's apartment.  YOU. WOULD. NOT. BELIEVE. WHO. WALKS. IN. A. MINUTE. LATER! 
  IT'S THE VICE PRESIDENT!! That's not even the worst part of this! Kubiak leaves for a minute and then we see him start making out with LIZZY BEAR!!!!  That's right!  He's cheating on Mellie, who's cheating on Fitz with him!  Kubiak comes up to Huck's surveillance truck and they have a quick fight.  Huck barely kills Kubiak... and then he looks over and sees that Javi saw the whole thing.  He runs away.
  Amid one of the Fitz-Jake fights, Olivia poses a plan to distract her father.  She takes him to dinner that night.  At dinner, he tells her that even though he wasn't always the best father, everything he does is for her.  While this is happening, snipers have their guns locked on him and there's a whole video feed and everything at the White House.  After Rowan's little speech, all of the agents on the perimeter are shot down, and the B613 files have all gone blank.  He obviously knew somehow that this was happening.  He tells Olivia that now she's turned her back on him, so she is on her own.  He tells her that if she thought the world was a such a terrible place with him in it, she's gonna see what it's like without him.

How to Get Away with Murder
He Has A Wife
  We see Lila Stangard's last moments before she was murdered.  She talks to Rebecca about "Mr. Darcy" and all of that drama.  When Sam breaks up with her, she shows up to the Keating residence to tell Annalise everything.  Bonnie answers the door and tells her that she needs to go home.
  The day before the murder, Annalise tells Wes about Lila's pregnancy and asks him to keep Rebecca out of the loop on this one.  That, of course, doesn't happen.  He tells Rebecca, who tells her new buddy Nate, who tells her a DNA test should fix everything.

The Day of the Murder...
  Wes finds out that these two are in kahoots with each other and he doesn't like it at all and he argues with Rebecca about it.  When Connor and Laurel come over for a study group thing, Rebecca storms out. Afterwards, we see Wes beating on Rebecca's door, which has loud music playing behind it.  Connor suggests that maybe she's ran away, and that's exactly what happened.
  Michaela feels like she should have the trophy because she won the case today, but Keating doesn't really care at this point, so she never really gives it to Michaela.  What does Michaela do?  She has an argument with her mother-in-law-to-be at dinner and then goes to Asher's place and steals the trophy.  No big deal.  Meanwhile, Frank and Laurel are doing it as they're entering his apartment.  It's very exciting... Until another girl walks in asking if Laurel's the student of the month!  Laurel leaves without any explanation.
  Bonnie talks to Sam about what happened with Lila and she knows that he knew about the pregnancy.  They kiss.  Later that night, Bonnie tells Annalise that Sam kissed her to manipulate her.  She rambles on about how he can't be trusted and stuff like that, crying as she does so.  She is fired right there, right then, and is devastated.
  There are so many people with the motive, but there's only one murderer.  Tonight, we will finally find out who killed Sam!  Many believe it's Bonnie because of her long history with Sam and she is probably not happy with him at the moment.  Others believe it is Rebecca because of everything that has happened concerning Lila's case.  Could it be someone else?  Find out tonight on the winter finale of TV's new #1 Drama How To Get Away With Murder!  

Now that you're caught up, don't miss the TGIT Winter Finale starting at 8/7c on ABC!

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