Nov 13, 2014

#TGIT Recap Week 7

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There is only one more episode until Shondaland's Thursday Night Lineup #TGIT will reach its midseason.  There's a lot that goes on each show, which means that there's a lot to forget or (dare I say it) miss each week.  Here's a good summary for each show so you can be ready to watch the next episodes tonight!  This #TGIT Recap starts in 3... 2... 1...

You won't see it coming...
Grey's Anatomy
Don't Let's Start
  Derek suggests to Meredith that it may be a good idea to invite Maggie over for dinner since she is her sister.  She agrees, but is not too thrilled about it, as you can imagine.  Maggie and Richard are still not the best of friends right now, but in spite of that, Derek thinks that it would be a good idea to invite Richard as well.  Meredith freaks out and then Derek brings it all back to the fact that he stayed for family, which leads to a quick little argument about that again.  He jokes later that he needs more black people in the family too because he doesn't know many ways to braid Zola's hair and Bailey won't show him anymore.
  The next day, Derek tells Maggie that Richard is coming and she becomes very hesitant about going, but ends up deciding to go in the end. On the other hand, Richard and Meredith try to get this dinner cancelled, but Derek is very determined to make it happen.  That night, after they've prepared dinner, Meredith and Derek decide to go have some fun in the shower.  The other two show up before they're done and they talk on the porch as they wait.  All Maggie really wanted was for Richard to tell her the truth instead of leaving her in the dark for weeks on end, which he apologizes for.  She decided to leave right before Derek comes out to invite them in, only to find Richard left.
  Kepner is getting very close to having a baby and her mom, who is very excited, decides to come visit her.  She asks her daughter to take the day off, but Jackson steps in for her since he doesn't really have much to do. Later in the evening, April comes home to Jackson and her mom setting things up for the baby.  She obviously just get a fresh new batch of hormones because she is not too happy about her mom coming to help even though she doesn't need it.  The next morning, Jackson told her that he had her come because he needed the help.  Mother dearest comes to say goodbye later that day and tells Kepner how proud she is of her.  They make up.  :)
  Callie and Arizona are obviously still having problems settling everything and still deciding when and how they want to tell people.  At Arizona's fellowship, Dr. Herman ends up taking the rest of the day off for "personal reasons" and gives her a bunch of stuff to read on the surgery she's going to perform the next day.  Arizona thinks that she's trying to get rid of her.  During the actual surgery, Herman gives her a hard time because she didn't always remember her notes word for word.  Alex, who is watching in on the surgery, tells her to lay off and is sent away.  Later, he tells Arizona that Herman is most likely trying to get rid of her.  She thanks him and tells him that her and Callie are separating.  Arizona goes to tell Herman off, but she reveals that she has a brain tumor.  Arizona has to know everything because there isn't much to go off of on this part of surgery.  She has the challenge of teaching Arizona a whole year's worth of information in the six months she has left, but it's ultimately Arizona's decision whether or not she wants to go through with it.

Lies, Love, and PTSD...
Displaying photo.JPG
Baby Made A Mess
  Now that there's hope for Olivia to be with Fitz, he constantly calls her in the middle of the night every night without fail.  Olivia promised him that she wouldn't see or talk to Jake at all.  She talks to David to try to get into the prison where Jake is being held, except she doesn't want to talk to him.  She wants to talk to Tom.  She tells him that she can protect him from Rowan as long as he can tell her the truth.  He doesn't of course, and she leaves, not very happy with the results she's gotten.  Fitz is not happy to find out she visited him and she brings up something that Tom told her, Fitz's attempted suicide.  He obviously moves on very quickly because he doesn't want to talk about that.
  Quinn is trying to get some answers about the pictures of Olivia, but the guy she does to kills himself.  She and Huck decide to show Olivia the pictures and fill her in on the current situation.  In other news, Huck is still killing it with his song at the video game they're playing.  Javi sends a message asking to meet at the arcade.  Huck goes, but watches from afar, and his son thinks he's ditching on him.  He uses some awesome genetic tech talent from Huck to find his location.  He goes and visits him at OPA and tells him he knows.
  Meanwhile, at the White House, Abby's ex-husband Charles Putney is coming to replace a senator that isn't fit to do his job and who is in charge of his campaign?  The one, the only, Leo Bergen!  She asks Olivia to run the opposing senator's campaign.  Abby deals with PTSD from her abusive relationship with Chip, she even pulls a gun on him in the middle of the parking garage, on the edge of shooting him.  Olivia encourages Abby to use her experience against Chip, and when Leo comes in to tell her Chip is gonna win, she does.  Later on, they meet in the press room, discussing something that brought down Chip's campaign.  Leo denies doing it himself, but Abby knows he did it.  After that, they kiss.
  Cyrus is being very wary of how his secret information is getting out and decides to see if his new "friend" is the one revealing the information to Lizzy Bear.  Mellie is trying to further advance her political career, she doesn't want to feel like her only purpose is picking china patterns.  Good ol' Lizzy Bear comes to pay her a visit, unbeknownst to Cyrus, and she uses her new found information to help out the First Lady.
  Tom is severely attacked while in prison.  Olivia goes to visit him in the hospital and gets the real confession she wants out of him.  She may or may not have been involved in his attack, by the way.  She then plays the recording to Fitz in the Oval.  The next thing we see is Jake enter a room in the bunker.  Olivia says "hi", he says "hi", then we see Fitz come into view, and he says, wait for it, "hi".  THE END!  

How to Get Away with Murder
He Deserved to Die
Flash Forward:
  We see Wes take Rebecca upstairs into the bathroom at the house.  She's covered in splattered blood.  She says that she had to kill Sam before he killed her.  Obviously, we can safely assume that she is Sam's killer.  We obviously won't know who officially did for a couple more weeks.  When they get to the hotel room, he tells her not to do anything until he gets back.  She, of course, dials 9-1-1 most likely out of boredom, but tells the operator that it's not real and hangs up.  The phone quickly rings a couple seconds later and it's just Wes telling her that everyone's on board to help her.

Flash Back:
  We're only two weeks from the murder now!  The news is currently saying that Rebecca and Griffin were having sex the same night Lila disappeared.  Keating is able to get a gag order, but Griffin's own attorney wants Lila's body to be exhumed to prove Rebecca's the only one who killed Lila.  The team tries hard to stop the exhumation, they succeed, but soon realize it wasn't the best play.
  Rebecca happens to tell the press that Griffin raped her, following the current plan.  This is what ends up getting Lila's body exhumed.  Wes isn't really happy about this, and after arguing with Rebecca in his apartment, they end up having sex.  Meanwhile, Laurel is offered a job to work for her boyfriend, but Frank obviously doesn't want her to quit.  He doesn't want her to leave because of him.  They make out on the porch after this conversation.  Later that night, Nate talks to Rebecca at the store.  He tells her that he knows she didn't kill Lila and he wants to help catch the person who did.
  Bonnie knocks on Annalise and Sam's door.  The new results are in!  The marks that were originally described as fingernails were found to be ant bites.  What's new is that this time, the examination showed Lila was six weeks pregnant when she was killed.  Gasp!

There you have it!  Now that you're caught up, don't miss TGIT tonight starting at 8/7c on ABC!

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