Aug 31, 2014

Swag September ~ What we are reading!

What is Swag September?
Swag September is organized by Amber at Paradise of Pages. It will occur through the whole month of September. You don't need to worry how much you read during the month, the only thing you need to do is when you do read, read only the books that you have swag for. If it isn't on a piece of swag you read, don't read it. There will be guest posts, interviews, excerpts, a read-a-thon, and lots and lots of giveaways. Where can you go wrong? For any information or questions you may have as well as updates, visit Amber over at Paradise of Pages. ~From Amber at Paradise of Pages
Kristalyn, Beighley and Meaghan at The Sarcastic Palmtree are all participating in Swag September so we thought we would put together a post to let you know what we will be reading this month.  In addition, we will be helping Amber out with her Swag September posts for extra promotion so you can catch the special posts and giveaways included in this fun even this month at BOTH Paradise of Pages and at The Sarcastic Palmtree.  Make sure you are reading books that you have swag for this month so you can enter these great contests and giveaways!  There are a lot of authors that have donated not only swag, but books as well for this fantastic event!

Kristalyn's Swag September Reading List
 In no particular order and as always, subject to change on my reading whims! 

Darkness of Light ~ Tammy Farrell
The Darkness of Light (The Dia Chronicles, #1)
Make It Count ~ Megan Erickson
Make it Count (Bowler University, #1)
Behind the Wooden Door ~ Emily Godwin
Behind The Wooden Door
Upside Down ~ Lia Riley
Upside Down (Off the Map, #1)
Out of Play ~ Nyrae Dawn and Jolene Perry
Out of Play
How We Fall ~ Kate Brauning
How We Fall

Beighley's Swag September Reading List

In no particular order and subject to change

Unlikely Allies ~ Tiffany King
Unlikely Allies
Mutilate My Heart ~ Emily Godwin
Mutilate My Heart (Mutilated, #1)
Wishing For Someday Soon ~ Tiffany King
Wishing for Someday Soon
Summer on the Short Bus ~ Bethany Crandall
Summer on the Short Bus
Jordyn ~ Tiffany King
Jordyn (A Daemon Hunter, #1)

Meaghan's Swag September Reading List

Meaghan is taking over our Memory Lane Monday feature this month.  These are the books she will be reading.

American Girl on Saturn ~ Nikki Godwin
American Girl on Saturn (Saturn, #1)
Mutilate My Heart ~ Emily Godwin
Mutilate My Heart (Mutilated, #1)

Now it's your turn!  Join us for Swag September and get to reading all those books you have that cool swag for!  We have the sign up linky below so you can join right now!  

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  1. YAY!! We are reading some of the same things! I hope to read upside down, american girl on saturn, mutilate my heart, through the wooden door, and a book by Lindsay Paige so far. I am sure as the swag comes in, the more I will have to add to my reading list!!