Aug 27, 2014

Songs of the Summer 2014

Summer is one of the best times of  year for fun music.  We love to listen to music pretty much all day, every day, at the Sarcastic Palmtree.   This is a list of what we have all been listening to this summer, in no particular order.
Disclaimer:  We don't really listen to the radio during Summer so our list is purely original.  :)

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The latest and greatest from Hilary Duff is this fun tune.  It's peppy and summery and we love it!

Nothing says Summer like this song by musician and surfer Cody Simpson.
"So come on.  Let the ocean take us away..."

Let's slow things down a little bit.  When I heard this song at the start of the Summer I knew it was one that would stay on my playlist until at least the end of Summer...It's still there!

Somehow this song worked it's way onto our playlist and like a bad virus we can't seem to shake it.  

This album was surprisingly awesome.  Next To You is our favorite on the album although you can't go wrong with pretty much the whole thing.
Shout out to our resident Mahomie Coconut or we probably would have never found this album.  
"Clap Your Hands! Let The Bass Kick!"

Every Summer playlist needs a couple slower songs and this is our other one.

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This song has all the elements you look for in a party tune:  dance beat, great lyrics, and exceptional vocals.  Bang Bang reminds me a lot of the epic Lady Marmalade from Moulin Rouge.

One Direction has been a staple at our house for a while now.  We love the bulk of their songs but thought we would do a mini top 5, in no particular order, of our favorites from this Summer.

I Would 
Does He Know?
Teenage Dirtbag
She's Not Afaid
Up All Night

Shout out to Beighley's friend @NiallGrabbedDaD who introduced us to this awesome mash up!  It has all the best of both songs and puts it in to one amazing song.  

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If I had a buck for every time 5 Seconds of Summer is played or talked about at our house I could pay my house payment for a year.  This has absolutely been the #1 played album for us this summer and it's only been out a month.  Here's a list of our top 5 no particular order:

Good Girls
Mrs All American
Tomorrow Never Dies
Voodoo Doll

So there you have it, our list of favorite songs from the Summer.  What have you been listening to this year?  


  1. Oh goodness how much I love your music selections! So close to my own! All you need to add to this awesome collection is some Jack & Jack :)

    1. Thanks for your recommendation of Jack & Jack! I checked them out and they aren't too bad! Always looking for new music! Thanks for stopping by!

  2. OMMGGG. I have to tell you my "Pop" nightmare. I was 15. We were painting the house we live in now. Hottest week in July. No air. No radio bc "it gives me a headache" (Mom). She & I got up with the sunrise, breaked long enough for lunch, and worked until nightfall. One entire week. I was already miserable and depressed. I cried the entire time, while priming, sanding, and painting. MISERY.

    And this song was in my head ALL DAY EVERY DAY FOR HOURS. I would listen to it on repeat all night when we were done. I'd wake up and fall asleep with it in my head. It would NOT GO AWAY.

    Please, keep it. I don't ever want it back.