Jul 15, 2014

Top Ten Tuesday ~ Different types of stories ~ Movies and TV shows

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This weeks topic: 

Different types of stories ~ Movies and TV shows!
Since we do Movies and TV on the side here at The Sarcastic Palmtree, we decided we would do 5 of each and keep it as non-bookish as possible!

Top 5 TV Shows

5 ~ Castle 

The writing on this show is so great!  Each episode has it's own story as well has a continuing story line that runs throughout the entire series.  We also love the bit of bookish element that comes from Castle being an author.  It's always fun when he brings his card playing author buddies in for an episode here and there as well.

4 ~ Grey's Anatomy
Grey's is a show I have watched since the first episode aired.  I love this show and although it isn't quite as good as it was in the beginning (they never are) I plan to stick with it to the last episode.

3 ~ Seinfeld
The show about nothing.  I think more lines and situations are repeated from this show in our house than any other.  Seinfeld just always found a way to work real life garbage that we can all relate to into each episode.  I love it and still watch the reruns from time to time and enjoy every one of them! (As a side note:  as soon as I'm done with this post....I'm going to Sky Burger!)

2 ~ Friends
No show is watched more in our house than Friends.  Since Beighley discovered it a few summers ago, we watch it pretty much every day.  It is his favorite show ever, hands down, no questions asked.

1 ~ 24
Arguably the best show ever in my opinion.  Again, this is a show we watched from the first season and never missed an episode.  Monday was our favorite night of the week and watching 24 was the fastest hour we spent each week.  Last night Day 9 ended.  All of the members of The Sarcastic Palmtree hope they get picked up for another season, even if it is another short season like the one we just finished.  

Top 5 Movies

5 ~ Avatar
The story in of this movie is just beautiful.  I love the cross over between worlds and the visual brilliance that is created is beyond words.

4 ~ Star Trek

I remember as a kid watching Star Trek because there was honestly nothing else on on a Saturday afternoon.  I was never a fan at all but this reboot really does it for me.  I felt the casting was flawless and the writing for both movies was amazing.

3 ~ The Italian Job
The Italian Job is the #1 movie the whole family will agree to watch pretty much any time.  It's the default family favorite and if you haven't seen it, you are REALLY missing out!  This is one action packed movie filled with it's own brand of snark and one liners.

2 ~ Toy Story
Who can deny that Toy Story isn't one of the best written stores of the past 10 years.  I loved all of these movies and if I even walk in on the last 10 minute of Toy Story 3 I cry like a baby.  I still have my favorite childhood toy "Skunky" up in the attic.

1 ~ Star Wars
Star Wars is my favorite movie of all time.  I could watch these movies endlessly and quote the original trilogy pretty much word for word (I didn't read as a child remember?)  For me this is one of the most epic stories ever told and like the total nerd I am, can't wait for episode VII.

Since it was the first review we did at The Sarcastic Palmtree and we are coming up on our 1 year anniversary next week we thought Despicable Me was worthy of an encore spot on our list this week.

What TV and Movies were on your list this week?  Leave me your links so I can visit!  Have a great week!


  1. I love Despicable Me! :) I love the little minions, they make it for me!

    As for The Italian Job, it is one of my faves! :) I like the original just as much as the new one! :)

    Thanks for sharing lovely! :) Great list!

    Alex @ The Shelf Diaries

    1. We love the minions too. I call my kids my minions. It fits really well. lol Isn't The Italian Job one of the best movies ever? We love it so much! I have yet to see the original but I generally don't like them as well if I saw the new one first.

      Have a fabulous day dear!