Jul 8, 2014

Top Ten Tuesday ~ Blogging Confessions

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This weeks topic: 
Top Ten Blogging Confessions
For some reason I couldn't think of 10 this week so we are doing a Top 7!

7 ~ I don't feel like I read fast enough.
I hated reading until 8 years ago.  I mean, I literally hated it.  It's impossible for me to think that now, but I feel the fact that I haven't been a life long reader hinders my reading ability.  Most weeks, if I have my normal amount of reading time, I can finish 2 books.  Busy weeks, I'm lucky to finish one.  I see everyone else finishing books in a couple hours that would take me 4 or 5 times as long and I just feel extremely inadequate. That being said, I do love to share what I read with everyone and that is why I actually have a blog. I love telling everyone about the fantastic books I read and I hope that my reading speed will increase as the years pass.  

6 ~ I usually have at least 3 reviews that need to be written, even if I just wrote 3 reviews.
I'm never caught up on reviews.  It is my dirty little secret as a blogger and I feel bad about it most of the time.  I hope someday I will be caught up because I hate being behind on things.

5 ~ My Top Ten Tuesday post is generally done Monday afternoon.  

It's 4:51pm right now. Now it's summer...it certainly won't help.

4 ~ Twilight is the series that got me to read and I love blogging about it.
I know some people get tired of hearing about Twilight.  Guess what?  I don't care.  I love Twilight.  I just reread the entire series with my blogger friend Amber at Paradise of Pages in April for the kick off of our Memory Lane Monday meme.  I wouldn't even HAVE a blog without Twilight because it was, in fact the series that got me to read!  There are certain books that make my eyes and ears bleed when I hear about them (The Fault In Our Stars and Divergent for starters) but I try and refrain from picking on them just because I don't like it when people pick on Twilight. You will probably always hear about Twilight on my blog and I will more than likely never apologize for it because it is something I enjoy blogging about.

3 ~ Blogging is a lot harder and more time consuming than I thought it would be.
Blogging can't be that hard.  Read a book, write a review, throw it up on in a blog post.  Join up with a couple weekly memes, do some tours and blitzes, piece of cake right?  Now that you are all rolling on the floor laughing at me, I had NO IDEA how much time it would take to run a blogand learn how to make it look decent.  I love doing it now, but at first it was pretty tough!  I honestly thought my kids would know how to help me more than they do so I have used google and figured out most everything on my own.  Keep in mind, that the internet didn't even exist when I was in college (I am that old) so everything I have learned about computers is self taught to begin with.  I am very proud of my blog and I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy putting my posts together for you.

2 ~ I thought the blogging community would be more competitive.
One of the most pleasant surprises I found with blogging was how kind and welcoming the blogging community is.  I have made so many friends through blogging and it is actually one of the best parts of being a blogger.  I was very concerned that the competitiveness of blogging was going to be too much for me.  I'm really glad I was wrong about it.  

1 ~ My real name is...
When this blog was started, I knew my kids would be helping out (especially my son Banana/Beighley) and I was worried about putting their names online. Then, I started talking about them on Twitter a lot, and I got tired of signing everything on the blog as Flamingo, so, here it is....MY REAL NAME IS FAT PATRICIA!!!  I mean Kristalyn.  My name is Kristalyn Thornock, I am Flamingo from The Sarcastic Palmtree.  My son Beighley is known here as Banana, My 13 year old daughter Meaghan has been moonlighting as Toucan and Coconut Corner is run by none other than my little coconut, Ainsley who is 9.  Now you know who we all are and I feel a whole lot better about signing all of my reviews as:

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  1. I love Fat Amy. She makes that movie!! I've tried really hard to call them by their stage names on your blog as well!!

    I know what you mean about time consuming, it definitely is, but I enjoy it!! I'm glad you are here with us!!

    Love, Amber

    1. It's worth the work because I do enjoy it. The day I quit enjoying it is the day I'll be done. Love you back girl!

  2. #4 is my favorite. Don't ever apologize for talking about books you love. :) It has surprised me that I've never heard anyone say that about Harry Potter, though. I mean, that never ends. Ever. And people still talk about them frequently. Either series, it doesn't bother me. Talk away! :)

    P.S. I've never read a single word of Harry Potter.

    1. I know about the HP thing! What's the deal? I just wish people would quit lumping anyone who still likes Twilight into some group of crazies or something.

      Thanks for stopping by girl!

  3. YES to number seven! I just read elsewhere that two days to finish a 300 page book is slow... I'm about on your timeline. I guess we're just slow then. I did love Twilight, but I'm going to be honest... I didn't finish the last one. It just got boring after the baby was born. I love your list and that you shared your real names, even though this is my first time here! :)

    Here are my Confessions!

    1. I don't necessarily care if people like it or not, I just get tired of people harassing those of us who do. If I stick it in a top ten, scroll past it know what I mean?

      I'm glad I'm not the only slow reader. I hope one day I will get faster but I don't know if it will eve happen. Thanks for stopping by today! I love getting new visitors!

  4. I love the name Kristalyn. It's unique and really beautiful!

    I agree with all your confessions (well, not the Twilight one so much). Isn't it comforting to know that you're not alone in your neuroses?? :)

    1. Thank you for the name compliment. It's way better than flamingo! ;) You don't have to like Twilight....just scroll down if it's mentioned. It usually only happens on the occasional top ten, and YES! Always nice to know I'm not alone!

      Thanks for stopping by Susan!

  5. I'm glad to hear that blogland is friendly an not competitive. I've contemplated starting my own blog and always seem to end up at the thought - "There's already so many book blogs. Is there room for one more?" I've loved connecting with people over books I like and is the motivating factor behind why I'd want to start my own blog.

    I loved Twilight (books and movies). But I also loved Harry Potter, The Hunger Games, Divergent (haven't read beyond book 1 yet or seen the movie), and The Fault in Our Stars. Finding the internet "book world" has opened my eyes to so many more books. I'd always go into the library and wander the shelves looking for a book to pop out at me. Reading about them online with reviews is so much easier!

    1. I say do it! I have only had my blog for a year and it is one of the best things I have done for myself. I LOVE the people I have met and I have also found so many books and authors that I would have found no other way. Please keep me posted if you do start up! I would love to keep tabs on your blog and read your reviews. Let me know if there is anything I can do to help you out as well!

      Best wishes...and thanks for stopping by. I feel bad it has taken me a week to reply....I'm not usually so slow but it's been a crazy week! :)

  6. +JMJ+

    I've been checking out as many blogs on this week's TTT linky as possible, in the hope that some people would be brave enough to admit their love of Twilight! I really like the series as well, and I'm glad to own it! =)

    "Memory Lane Mondays" sounds like a cool meme. I'm a big rereader, too, so I'll check out the posts.

    1. I will always own it! This blog and my love for books in general would not exist were it not for Twilight! I hope you will stop by again and visit. I love doing Memory Lane. It has been fun to pull some old favorites off the shelf!

      Sorry I'm so slow to reply....crazy week this week. I will be glad when summer is over in many ways. :)

  7. Right! I only just stared blogging and Im addicted. I spend hours reading and writing and browsing through everything. I didnt realise it would take over my life as much as it did. Everyone is so lovely and helpful, it just makes it all the easier.

    1. Thanks so much for stopping by! I'm sorry it has taken so long to reply as summer is insane for me! I am glad you started blogging too! It is so much fun and I love everyone that I've met. It is like a whole new group of friends.

      Hope you have a great week!