May 7, 2014

Summer on the Short Bus by Bethany Crandell ~ Review and Giveaway

Summer on the Short Bus

Spoiled, Versace-clad Cricket Montgomery has seventeen years of pampering under her belt. So when her father decides to ship her off to a summer camp for disabled teens to help her learn some accountability, Cricket resigns herself to three weeks of handicapped hell. 

Her sentence takes a bearable turn as she discovers the humor and likeability of the campers and grows close to fellow counselors. Now, if she can just convince a certain Zac Efron look-alike with amazing blue eyes that she finally realizes there's life after Gucci, this summer could turn out to be the best she's ever had.

Summer on the Short Bus is a very non-P.C., contemporary YA with a lot of attitude, tons of laughs, and a little life lesson along the way.

At first sight...
I first saw this book searching out one of my Top Ten Tuesday posts for debut authors.  I knew right away that this was a must read for me.

Looking good!
I absolutely love this cover.  I think it is adorable and fits the book to a "T"!

Who you lookin' at?
This is definitely a YA novel.

The Peeps
This book is full of great characters that you can't help but fall in love with. Cricket is nothing but a spoiled brat but this book is about her journey into becoming a more well rounded person.  Quinn is someone you can't help but like from the get go.  He is such a great guy.  The entire cast of characters outside of the two main characters have such great personalities and presence it makes this book so much fun. 

Is this a kissing book?
Yes!  We have some friendly teenage kissing but nothing I would be embarrassed for my kids to read.  Perfectly appropriate for the YA genre.

Don't leave me hangin'! 
No cliffhangers here.  This one ends and ends well.  

The best gems
  • High School Musical and Twilight references
  • Justin Bieber band-aids
  • Hannah Montatna discussions
  • Being comfortable in your own skin
  • Learning to love and accept others for who they are
  • Hidden talents
  • The fact that we don't always have to be politically correct

The sum up!
I enjoyed Summer on the Short Bus from start to finish.  It made me smile throughout the entire book.  It was a light hearted read but at the same time deals with issues of a young girl forced to find out who she really is through doing things she never would have done before and learning to love and accept others for who they are no matter what their disabilities and limitations may be.  I recommend this book for anyone of any age.  It is well rounded and full of fun and meaning.

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