May 12, 2014

Memory Lane Monday #7 ~ The Sunflower Memory Post

Memory Lane Monday is a feature that is hosted by 
Amber at Paradise of Pages 

Amber and I have been talking about wanting to re-read some of our favorite books and how we feel like we never have time trying to keep up with the latest and greatest books for our blogs.  So, we came up with a great plan, let's start our own meme and get everyone else joining in on the re-reading fun as well!  We are, of course, still planning to keep up with current reads but we are intertwining old favorites at the same time.  

Here's how Memory Lane Monday will work:

  • Each week the co-hosts will trade off with recapping when it is a re-read or what they have heard so far about the book and the other co-host will put up their review. 
  • The participants can read anything that they remember reading in the past, or something that they have wanted to read that has been around for a while and just haven't gotten around to reading it yet for whatever reason.
  • Participants can decide if they want to recap the book before reading it or just put up a review of what they read.
  • Anyone can join in, just please link back to our blogs as well as add your name to the linky so we can hop around and see what everyone is reading.
  • Please put our banner on your post as well, so we all look the same!
  • We ask you kindly to follow BOTH of our blogs.
  • Most importantly remember to just have fun! :)

We will be providing each week a linky that you will be able use to link your posts for us and everyone else to see as well. All we ask is for you to put up our banner as well as a link back to both hosts on your post. 

We hope you enjoy doing this meme as much as I am sure we will!

The Sunflower

In the wake of personal tragedy, two people meet on a humanitarian mission in Peru. Christine is a shy, unadventurous woman whose fiancee broke off the engagement only a week before the wedding, and Paul is a former emergency room doctor whose glamorous lifestyle, stellar reputation, and beautiful fiancee are cruelly snatched from him one fateful, snowy Christmas Eve. Deep in the Amazon jungle, against a backdrop of poverty and heartbreak, they must confront their deepest fears and, together, learn to trust and love again.

My Memories
It has been a long time since I read this book. It was released in 2005 and I read it right after I got it as I do most of my books from Richard Paul Evans.  That being said, I don't have very many memories of what happens in the story.

I remember this book taking place in an orphanage in the jungle for boys.  I know that Christine gets really ill somewhere in the story.  The Sunflower is a love story which this author in particular is excellent at writing.  That is pretty much it.  I didn't even remember until reading the synopsis again that Paul was a doctor or the reason they were even at The Sunflower (that is the name of the orphanage which I did remember as well.)  

I will never forget the one thing I learned from this book or this quote "We love those we serve."  I have never forgotten the quote or the message behind it since I reading this book years ago. I know this is the crux of the story, finding love through service.  

I do know for sure that this is my favorite of Richard Paul Evans' books.  That is the reason that after finishing our Twilight reread I knew this is the first book I wanted to read for Memory Lane Monday.

Next week for Memory Lane Monday I will review The Sunflower.  Be sure and stop by today and see what book my partner Amber is reviewing over at Paradise of Pages and if you are reading any old favorites be sure and link up with us in so we can see what you are doing as well! 

Have a great week!

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