May 5, 2014

Memory Lane Monday #6 ~ Breaking Dawn Review

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Amber and I have been talking about wanting to re-read some of our favorite books and how we feel like we never have time trying to keep up with the latest and greatest books for our blogs.  So, we came up with a great plan, let's start our own meme and get everyone else joining in on the re-reading fun as well!  We are, of course, still planning to keep up with current reads but we are intertwining old favorites at the same time.  

Here's how Memory Lane Monday will work:

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If you would like to read my Breaking Dawn Memory Post you can find it here.

Breaking dawn is such a long read that I always feel like I'm reading more than one book. I did like it more this time than I remember.  In reading the entire series back to back, I noticed how much Stephenie Meyer's writing improved over the series.  You can tell she has had much more experience writing than she did in Twilight.

I want to highlight some of my favorite things about the book in this review.  There were so many things that made me feel different things or just made me smile that I hope you will enjoy it through some of the moments I want to share from the book as well.

Of course the wedding in the book is amazing.  I loved reading this the first time and it was just as amazing this time.  I love that Edward didn't tell Bella where they were going on their honeymoon. Something like that would have killed me to wait for.  I really loved this thought from Bella in the book:

"Oh well, I thought to myself.  He was a vampire, after all.  Maybe we were going to Atlantis."

I loved it when the book changed points of view.  I loved being in Jacob's head and I especially enjoy the chapter titles in his section of the book.  It was so hard for him in so many ways to be around Bella and try and stay positive for her but he did it anyway.  I felt this time around that we were actually seeing from the beginning how drawn Jacob was to Renesmee (still hate the name) even before she was born.  I know he is still in love with Bella at the time, but the fact that he just never seemed to be able to stay away I really felt like that pull was there for him early on.

One of my favorite parts of this section is when Carlisle and Jacob are talking and they come up with the thought of Bella trying to drink blood to make herself and the baby's health improve.  I love that conversation. Carlisle is so amazing and of all the characters in the book, I just enjoy it when we get more insight to him and his compassionate ways.

One of my favorite Jacob thoughts:

"This was the trouble with hanging out with vampires - you got used to them. They start messing up the way you saw the world. They started feeling like friends."

I absolutely love the way Bella is such a great vampire. She takes to it so well and it is truly like it was meant to be.  I am so happy for her at this point that it all becomes so easy for her.  I was happy with the way they were able to pull Charlie into her world without endangering him.  The arm wrestling with Emmett is another high point to Bella being a newborn vampire.  Emmett is such a fun character and I love the presence he and the other Cullens give throughout the series.  

It was so amazing that Bella was essentially the one that ended up saving everyone in the end.  She was able to stretch her abilities and herself to save those she loved and make everything work out with the Volturi.  

I know not every book has a happily ever after, and I know life isn't all about happily ever afters, but I really wanted for Edward and Bella, and Jacob as well, to all have their forever.  I loved how neatly everything wrapped up in this series.  It was a work of fiction in every sense of the word so I felt like having everything end on such a perfect note was appropriate.

I enjoyed rereading this series and if it is one you liked, I would recommend dusting off your copies and taking yourself on this wonderful adventure again.

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