Jun 1, 2015

Nepenthe ~ By Lindsay Paige ~ Review

Nepenthe (Bracing for Love, #2)

Nepenthe (Bracing For Love #2)
by Lindsay Paige

Corey Kennedy was once a star on the football team at Salem University with his two younger brothers, Jonathan and Patrick. He lived and breathed football, hoping to follow his father’s dream to make it in the NFL. His chance was stolen from him when he was injured and his future in the sport ended.

As did his long-time method of coping with depression, a battle only he knows about and one he refuses to acknowledge.

A year after moving an hour away from his siblings, Corey hits rock bottom. His life is falling apart piece by piece. He’s too lost in his mind to see a way out. Slowly, with the the help of Olivia, a pushy new neighbor, Corey begins to learn healthier ways of dealing with the problems in his life.

His ground is already shaky and unstable while he struggles to stand on his own two feet again. He must find the strength to withstand what life throws at him, or crumble and fall back into his bad, unhealthy habits, which could end the relationships Corey very much needs.

This book was such an amazing experience for me. Reading a book about depression, something I struggle with on a daily basis, really brings a new level of emotion while reading a book like this. Lindsay knows how to bring the best out of her characters. Each chapter adds and builds on relationships and experiences, both good and bad within the story.

I absolutely love the relationship between Corey and Olivia.  They started out as neighbors and, because of Olivia's willing heart, she becomes a support to Corey in dealing with his depression. This book is so true to life in the things I have experienced with depression and the struggles that it brings. It was amazing how Lindsay made that unfold through the book, but also intermingled it with happy times as well.  Living with depression is a roller coaster of emotions and varies so much from day to day how you have to adjust your life to deal with it.  I loved reading about how Corey was able to come to grips with the things in his life and find a support system and humble himself to get help for his condition.

Although this book is 2nd in the Bracing for love series you do not need to read Bracing the Blue Line to enjoy Nepenthe.  That being said,  Bracing the Blue Line is amazing and I would recommend you read it as well.

Some of my favorite things about Nepenthe:

  • Video Games
  • Overcoming Obstacles
  • Crazy Driving
  • Family Support
  • Yoga
  • Living Makes Me Tired
  • The Football
I would recommend this book for anyone over age 18 as there are some pretty heavy topics tackled in it and adult language. 

Author Lindsay Paige has graciously donated a signed copy of Nepenthe for me to give away.  Just fill out the Rafflecopter below to enter. Giveaway is for US residents only.  Good Luck!

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  1. Wow. I heard of this one before. It sounds interesting. So glad you loved it!