May 30, 2015

Cross Me Off Your List by Nikki Godwin ~ Review

Cross Me off Your List (Saturn, #2)

Spring break in Los Angeles with her BFFs has been Marisol's driving force to get through senior year. But when a falling out dents her plans, Marisol tucks the broken friendship into her back pocket with her cell phone and spring break bucket list.

Surf city Crescent Cove isn't exactly LA, but once she meets a tattooed brunette named Noah in the hotel elevator, Marisol really doesn't mind crossing off the items on her list without her friends - especially after Noah offers to help. Unaware that Noah fits the criteria for item #3 (meet a celebrity), Marisol is instantly thrown into the world of paparazzi, wild nights, and a spring break she'll never forget.

While her friends are making memories in LA, Marisol is making tabloid headlines. But after slipping a Spaceships Around Saturn secret to the media, Marisol has to fight hard to survive her fifteen minutes of fame and get back on Noah's good side before he crosses her off of his list for good.
At First Sight
The cover of this book is cute and fun.  After reading the book I feel like it fits the vibe of the book really well.

Characters and Relationships
If you have read any of Nikki's books, you know that she is wonderful at writing characters you fall in love with.  It was fun to watch Marisol and Noah's relationship develop while they worked on her spring break bucket list.  I loved the fact that Marisol had no idea who Noah was (a member of Spaceships Around Saturn) and thought that added a nice element to the story.  It was great to revisit the characters that I fell in love with in American Girl on Saturn as well as some favorites from her Drenaline Surf series that are in this book.  I love the cross over between the series characters and think it adds such a new dimension to the book if you have read both series.

Is This A Kissing Book?
There is a bit of kissing going on in this one...but nothing I wouldn't let my teenagers read.  There is a fade to black scene as well, but nothing that I found to be inappropriate for the target audience.

The Best Gems
  • Bucket List
  • Fashion
  • Strawberry Milk (This is Noah we are talking about here!)
  • Crescent Cove
  • Pier Jumping
  • Paparazzi
  • Nat
  • Mermaid Festival
  • Hanging with Aralie 
  • Little Black Dress
The Sum Up
Cross Me Off Your List was a wonderful installment in the Saturn Series.  I loved every page of it.  It moves very well and I was constantly wondering what was going to happen next.  As I said before, Nikki is a master at creating new characters and reminding us why we love the ones we already know so much.  I really liked Marisol (more than I thought I might at first) and felt like she was a lot of fun to be with throughout the whole book.  I look forward to future installments in this series to see what is in store for Spaceships Around Saturn as Nikki takes us on this exciting ride.

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  1. I'm so happy to see Nat's name on this list! He was my favorite thing about this book. The Mermaid Festival was fun too. So glad you guys enjoyed it! Thank you for this amazing review and for being so wonderful to me! <3