Jun 2, 2015

Top Ten Tuesday ~ Books I Would Love To See As Movies/TV

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This weeks topic: 

Books I Would Love To See As Movies or TV Shows

My Super Sweet Sixteenth Century (My Super Sweet Sixteenth Century, #1)

That's our list for this week!  
What books do you think would make great Movies and TV?


  1. Oh, the Fablehaven series would make for great TV/big screen! That one didn't even cross my mind, but I like it!!

    Here's my list: http://insearchoftheendofthesidewalk.com/2015/06/01/top-ten-tuesday-top-ten-books-id-love-to-see-as-moviestv-shows/

  2. Yes, I think series are probably a good idea. One expenditure for sets; three (or more) movies.

    Here's my snarky response to the request to post a list of books I'd like made into movies.

  3. I keep hearing about the Selection series, and I can imagine it would be visually stunning. I really gotta sit down and read it... I like to read things before the movie comes out :)

    @TarkabarkaHolgy from
    Multicolored Diary TTT

  4. Anything by Maggie Stiefvater, please. :)

    Check out my TTT.

  5. Amy Plum's books would make a great movie series if done right! Great list.

  6. I didn't think of the Infernal Devices when making my list, but I'd love to see those get adapted as well.

    Joana @ The Boundless Book List