Feb 5, 2015

#TGIT Recap Week 10

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Last week was the week we waited two months for, and it was amazing! There was so much that happened this week, it may even be considered "too much"! Here's a good summary for each show so you can be ready to watch the next episodes tonight!  This #TGIT Recap starts in 3... 2... 1...


Grey's Anatomy

Where Do We Go From Here?
  Derek quickly packs up and sees the sticky note above their bed with their vows.
Amelia has a fancy room with a bunch of screens all focused on Herman's tumor.  Jackson tells April about their baby and she freaks out and leaves crying and he slams stuff around the room.  Meredith puts Zola on her bed in Derek's spot.  She sees the sticky note, takes it down, and throws it in the trash.
  Meredith is looking for a nanny and one of them is there interviewing when a trauma comes in.  Callie asks why she's looking for a nanny and is surprised that Derek is gone.  After the long day at work, the nanny is still there.  She asks Meredtih what she needs.  She needs support and someone who can be there for her kids when she's not.  Meredith goes home and calls Derek who's still at the airport.  His flight has been delayed all day and he asks if she wants him to come back.  She tells him to go and they'll figure this out.  They're going to make it work.  Their phone call gets cut off and she takes the sticky note out of the trash and hangs it back up.
  When Amelia and Arizona are walking to Amelia's fancy room and find a very pissed Herman.  Amelia tells her that she can beat the tumor. Herman doesn't believe that there's any hope left after multiple attempts to get rid of the tumor.  Arizona is mad at Herman because she's wasting her shot that Jackson and April would take in an instant.  At the end of the day, Herman comes in and decides to talk.  Amelia makes her pitch to Herman and Owen.  She wants to know how far the tumor has to reach. She wants to wait until it reaches the limit that way everyone's happy.
The case of the week focuses on a mother who ran her kids and herself off a bridge.
  Owen and Meredith do surgery on the mother.  She tells him that Derek's gone and he's surprised.  She tells him the story and then the tests come back showing the mother didn't have any drugs in her system. Owen asks if she talks to Cristina, but she says she's missed the past couple of calls because Cristina was right about Meredith and Derek. Meredith thinks that there's a tumor on the pancreas.  After a long hard search, Meredith finds the tumor.  Owen tells her later that it was better for Cristina to leave.  
  Bailey and Alex work on a case together.  There are two brothers who won't give up the names of their parents.  Bailey's job is to try to get the seven year old to crack while Alex does some surgical stuff on the teenager.  The seven year old is a brick wall, even for Bailey.  She finally gets him to give her his phone. 
  Jackson asks Owen to pull April out of surgery.  She talks to Jackson and she's not happy with him.  She decides that she's going to help in the E.R. today.  Jackson goes to get supplies and starts crying when Richard asks if he's okay.  Maggie asks about the sex of the baby when she works briefly with April, who is about to cry.  April pulls Edwards into a room and asks her why she didn't tell her about the baby's defect.  Edwards said she wanted to be sure first.  Jackson asks Arizona if she can talk to them about the baby when she gets a chance.  April finishes in the E.R. and she tells Jackson that she doesn't need to talk to Arizona.  When she talks bout the mother again Jackson tells her that she had the tumor on her pancreas.  April goes outside and wonders why God would do all of this, even if someone does something right.  Jackson says that if she needs anything he's there. 

Will Olivia make it to the big red door?

  We start when Jake comes over to Olivia's apartment and they dance and kiss and all the stuff from before but THIS TIME we see everything from Olivia's point of view as she is abducted.  But one more thing we see from Jake's point of view as he runs outside in his boxers and sees a car drive away and gets the plate number.  He calls Huck and tells him everything and that's all we see from someone else's point of view.
  Olivia was take into the room across from her!  From behind the door we see a whole crew with surveillance cameras and everything.  Olivia secretly leaves a ring she had on under a rug.  When Jake leaves she yells for help through he duct tape at the door but the guy starts choking her. Once Jake's gone they shoot the dead lady's who owns the apartment.  In order to get her out, they cut off the head of the dead lady and put in on top of hers.  One of the guys, who we'll be calling Creepy Guy #1, tells her this is the time for her to negotiate.  She won't do it because he's not in charge.  They put a needle in her and knock her out
Olivia wakes up in some nasty holding cell, which is where she will stay for the rest of the episode.  She goes for the door, but it's locked.  She then discoverers the another guy in the cell.  They discuss about a noise, which he thinks is Islamic prayer.  Ian was writing a story in Egypt and was taken as well for a ransom of two million dollars.  She thinks that someone wants her here because she's in danger or for some other reason. She then calls for bathroom.  She asks Creepy Guy #1 for her ransom, but he doesn't tell her.  As they walk to the bathroom she checks the guy out and sees his keys and a gun.  Another guy from behind them opens the big red door, which they walk farther and farther away from.  She sees a car or two, but that's it.   The bathroom is DEsgusting and she does the ladylike thing and covers the seat with toilet paper.  When they leave she looks at the red door.  The next day Ian is eating food, he says that she should eat because it's all she has for the day and sometimes they forget or they're off to get someone else.  She asks him how long he's been there, if they're in the city, if there's a fence, or if there's any dangerous animals outside.  He says that he can't help her because he's been there a long time and that he's seen things.  She says that she can get into the city and get help if they get out but he just loses it.  He tells her that the guy before him was killed most likely because he was trying to run and that they have to stay.  She tells him that she's going to save them.  How? Because she's Olivia pope!  She starts eating with him and says it's not bad, but it's not good either.            
  He tells her his story.  He's a journalist whose wife (who was also a journalist) died.  He says he has dreams about army people coming in and killing Creepy Guys #1 and #2.  He asks why he's been checking her back the whole time for a tracking device.  He asks who she hopes put a tracking device in he besides her father, but she's silent.  He can't find the tracking device and she says that if she's missing that the president of the U.S. Is looking for her and that they'll find them.  Days pass as we see a montage of her being led to the bathroom.  During the time she last goes she just plops down on the toilet and discovers a window up high.  She gets the under wire from her bra to get the lock on the window open. When she opens it, the Creepy Guy #2 walks in.  They decide to punish her, but she says that they can't do anything to her.  Naturally, they decide to kill Ian she hears him screaming, a couple gun shots, and then a body drop. Creepy Guy #1 comes back with blood on his face telling her there's no way out.  
  Olivia lays on the floor and starts to dream.  First, she dreams about special forces coming in to get her and Jake carries her out.  She then wakes up in Vermont from that nightmare.  Fitz walk in the shower with her because she's threatening to use up all the hot water.  Fitz is being asked to throw the first pitch at a game.  Olivia tells him not to stress because he's the mayor and everyone loves him.  She opens the refrigerator and we see a whole line of jams from "White Hat Jams" on the top shelf.  He asks her what she's making for today, it's boysenberries.  He asks Tom if he's lucky.  When Fitz walks away, she tells Tom that he's not supposed to be there.  He says he's protecting Fitz from her.  She even asked him to come.  Olivia is walking the dog down the street as Abby walks with her.  She says that Olivia she didn't just choose this life.  
"Where's Mellie? Where's Karen? Where's Teddy? Where are his kids?! Where's the press that I'm betting would be swarming you on a daily basis if the president went all Wallis Simpson on America?  Now you make jam for a living?  Do you know how to use a Dutch oven; do you even know home to turn on a regular oven?  What about Huck?  You leave Huck and get a dog and Huck's what?  In a pound somewhere?  Where's Jake? Do you love him?  Either him, Jake or Fitz?  It doesn't matter who you love, they can't help you!  There's no man who can rescue you.  You are the only gladiator in the place!  You have to rescue yourself!" 
  After Abby says this, she tells Olivia that she dropped some rusty ring that's on the ground.  Olivia says it's not hers.  Instantly, she's in her dream bathroom with the ring on the counter by the sink.  Tom tells her there's no way out of there and she slide the ring off.  Her food hits the floor and she wakes up.  She eats and then gets the under wire out of her bra again then asks for the bathroom.
  Creepy Guy #2 takes her to the bathroom today.  When the door closes she goes to the window and discovers it's been filled in by bricks.  She holds her hands over her mouth and screams and cries.  She sits back against the wall and sees the ring.  She unscrews it and hides it in her sleeve.  He asks her if she likes it because he did it himself when he opens the door for her.  She hits him in the head multiple times, killing him. She grabs his keys and his gun and starts running for the door.  Creepy Guy #1 walks out in front of her and he says she doesn't have the heart to pull the trigger.  She shoots him and runs for the door, trying every key in every lock.  She gets free and runs out onto a sound stage.  Ian walks out and tells her that he told her there was no way out.  He says that he had to crack her by using her need to save everyone.  By doing this, he discovered that Fitz loves her. He says that this is just the beginning and they walk back in and he closes the red doors again.  

Last, but certainly not least...
How to Get Away with Murder

Hello Raskolnikov
  Annalise is questioned and stretched the truth really really far, but it was about half and half.  We see her tell Wes what to do at the night of the murder.  She said that he deserved to die because he killed Lila.  She got Wes into this and that she was going to get him out. 
  The four talk about what happens if someone cracks.  Annalise takes a minute to talk to Wes.  He wants to tell everyone including Rebecca about her involvement, but she says no.  They need to not know in order to protect herself.  All that they need is Sam's laptop to prove he was with Lila when she was killed.  Wes gives her Sam's ring which he took off the body before he burned it.  The DA comes to visit, and says that she's using Sam to help her win the case.  
  Wes is interrogated.  He says the last time he saw Sam was two days before and he didn't really notice him.  He also admits that Rebecca is his girlfriend, which is legal.  Annalise apologizes to Rebecca.  She didn't go to the cops earlier about Sam's affair.  She promises Rebecca that she'll get the charges dropped.  Later, Rebecca talks to Wes about it.  She then asks him why he's not freaking out.  He says he knows that if he acts paranoid, they get caught.  Everyone meets at the house again, they have three days to prove Sam killed Lila.  Laurel and Frank collect Sam's hair for and a test.  He wants a thank you for the trophy.  She says that they're over because he lied to her.  Connor talks to Oliver, who says he needs help for the drug problem.  Connor says he has exams this week and he'll do it after that.  Bonnie and Asher go to grab Sam's laptop.  He wants to talk about the last night, but she says he needs to forget about it. The laptop is being held by the DA because she knows it has evidence that weakens her case.  Rebecca says that Lila asked her about a birth control clinic.  Annalise goes to ask if she can get records from the clinic, but she's turned down.  Right after, she talks to Nate.  He thinks that she has something to do with Sam's disappearance, but she tells him that she came over because she needed him.
  Laurel is questioned.  She says that Sam looked at her in a sexual way. That night, she asks Frank if he believes Annalise's story.  He says it's not her job to worry about it.  Bonnie tells Annalise that she can talk to her if she needs to.  Michaela comes in and says that the clinic has surveillance cameras and that they can use it because it's not privileged. The judge approves it!  As Annalise walks out, Frank has the DNA results. Sam was the father!  Annalise is relieved and Frank wonders why.  She decides to tell him about the murder, but says Bonnie can never know.
  Asher is interrogated.  He talks about going to the house for the trophy and says that Connors SUV was parked in the driveway.  He talks about a lady friend, who ends up being questioned also.  She says they're not in a relationship, it's a one time thing.  She said Sam didn't correct her when she asked if he knew Lila was pregnant.  She also mentioned that he made a pass at her to keep her quiet.  She talks to Asher afterward and tells him that she was drunk and desperate.  They find Sam talking to Lila on the surveillance video.  They question the receptionist on the stand and she said Sam was angry that Lila didn't want to go through with the abortion. She asks for the laptop and the judge says she'll have a forensic expert analyze the phone data on the laptop.  
  Michaela is asked some questions.  They ask about Connor's car being parked at the Keating house.  She says that they walked from their house because of parking problems.  Connor convinces Michaela to go to the police with him. She says that she reinvented herself before and she can do it again. Connor says that they need Laurel as well.  Laurel talks to Frank, who is mad because she lied to him.  He says that she might even get away with it if she lies that good.  The forensic expert proves that Sam was at the Kappa Kappa Theta Sorority house at the same time of Lila's death.  The charges are dropped!  Annalise goes to have a moment in the bathroom.  A couple lady's walk in talking bad about her.  She then walks out of the stall and it's awkward.  When Connor and Michaela talk to Laurel, she says she's in.  
  Michaela, Connor, and Laurel go to the police station to confess.  Wes and Annalise show up to stop them.  Laurel told Wes that Frank knows and that the other two are going to confess.  Wes goes to Annalise after that, saying that they have to tell them.  She tells them to trust her and that she doesn't blame them.  She promises that if she helps them that they can get away with this.  On the day of the exam, Annalise has an interesting prompt, which relates to the night of murder.  The students have to figure out how to get all charges dropped from everyone and there is a way.  
Connor is questioned.  He says that he's worried about Annalise.  He hopes that she's man enough to fix what he's done.  Connor calls Annalise the night of the exam, saying that Hannah Keating, Sam's sister is in town.

This week was amazing, and It can only get better from here!  Now that you're caught up, don't miss TGIT tonight starting at 8/7c on ABC!

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