Feb 12, 2015

#TGIT Recap Week 11

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Last week was a really good week, but we just didn't have the time to put together a post for you guys until now!  We're very sorry, but life happens, so the only recap we have for you tonight is Scandal's.  For Grey's Anatomy and How to Get Away with Murder we will give you the very most important details for you to remember for the night ahead as well as a link to the official summary from abc.comThis #TGIT Recap starts in 3... 2... 1...


Grey's Anatomy

The Bed's Too Big Without You
  So, the most important thing to remember for tonight is that we will finally get to know what's happening with the Japril baby.  Remember Jackson had a big fight with April's mom about what happens to the baby and she lost it on both of them?  Great moment!  Herman will teach a whole bulletin board of surgeries to Arizona before she goes into surgery (and she has a whole deck of index cards for afterward, if Amelia can succeed).  Meredith used her 3D printer in order to get a more hands-on approach on the tumor she was treating.  She also has started to become friends with half-sister Maggie.  Oh, and Meredith tried to teach Alex the whole "pause" thing if she texts him while he's busy at night, and he didn't really agree to that, so she taught Jo instead.


Where's the Black Lady?
The secret service walks into the Oval Office.  They're on the VP's side!  They're all "Fitz's support group", trying to make sure he can't look for Olivia Pope.  Fitz walks into Cyrus's office and asks him to gather the joint chiefs the first thing in the morning.  Mellie tells Fitz that she started sleeping with Andrew again.  She didn't want them to hide anything from each other.  Fitz calls Andrew and asks for proof of life.  
Olivia starts filming her hostage video, she stops in the middle and asks for some water.  Ian gives her some water and she drinks it.
"My name is Olivia Pope, and this is a copy of today's Clarion International.  I have been been taken against my will.  I have been offered food and water.  I have not been tortured or abused in any way.  To insure my continued safety, you must declare war on the nation of West Angola.  Do this within the next 48 hours and no harm will come to me. Refuse and I will be killed!"
  Lizzy Bear says goodnight to her little daughter and is ambushed by Huck when she closes the door. He wants to know where Olivia is.  She says she doesn't know but she'll find out.  She talks to Andrew the next day, he tells her to get with the program and go along with it.  Fitz meets with the joint chiefs and David brings up the pardon petition for Tom Larson.  Fitz takes advantage of this and goes to talk to him.  He wants to know who he can trust in the White House.  He says he can trust no one and that there's only one place he can ever speak privately.  Later that day, Fitz meets Jake at Olivia's apartment and hands him a copy of the tape.  Jake brings it back to OPA and Huck finds the reflection in the glass of water.  Olivia tells Ian that Fitz won't go to war and he bets her one dollar.  He says that Fitz will meet they're demands.  Olivia now knows that he's not in charge.
  Some old lady named Rose comes in to OPA and asks for the black lady who's in charge.  She says that she'll be back tomorrow and leaves.  In the situation room, Andrew is basically telling Fitz what to do.  Cyrus tells Abby that he's out, but doesn't know why the VP is in.  After the 22nd time, Huck's facial recognition system still doesn't work.  He leaves to go talk to Lizzy Bear again, and he has his toolbox!  Mellie talks with Fitz on the balcony and wants to know what's wrong.  He says that he's going to kill Olivia Pope because he can't negotiate with terrorists.  She tells him that if he loves Olivia, then he knows what to do.  The next morning, he declares war and Abby, Cyrus (and Olivia) are flabbergasted.
  Fitz asks Andrew for Olivia back.  He says that he can't giver her back yet because wars take time. Fitz comes to the realization that Olivia's not being released.  Rose comes back again and says that her friend is missing.  It's Olivia's neighbor from across the hall.  They go search the apartment and find the ring and know that she's there.  They also take the wireless router from the apartment and Huck finds the last person to log into the network.  It's Creepy Guy #1!  They look for any connection to the guy in the glass and they find Ian.  Fitz tells Cyrus to read a report on the war and he doesn't want to.  Fitz tells him again and he goes to read it.  Olivia is handed food and asks for beef stew and an orange creamsickle for desert--Her last dinner before she is shot in the head.  Ian tells her that he will have to kill her in three years, once Fitz's term is over, but she has to wait.
  Huck tries to find Olivia's location, but the cell signal bounces off a bunch of places around the world.  There's no hope for finding her.  Lizzy Bear goes to talk to Mellie,  she tells her that she had nothing to do with Olivia's disappearance.  She shows Mellie all the stuff that Huck did to her back and it's pretty bad.  Mellie says that Andrew has to give Olivia back now so she doesn't need to worry.  Lizzy Bear knows better.  "He's just going to keep demanding and demanding until none of us have anything left to give."   Mellie goes into Andrew's office and asks him to give Olivia back.  She also asks him to choose between her and Lizzy Bear.  Cyrus opens the report and sees a note from Fitz, saying that they have Olivia.  Olivia asks Ian the first question she asks all of her clients... "What do you want?"  She thinks it's power, but she also inks it's wrong because he's in possession of Olivia Pope.  She proposes that they can sell her on the open market!  He could be the highest paid babysitter in the world or he could be the boss.
  Cyrus Mellie and Fitz on the balcony, she says she's taken care of everything.  She gave Lizzy Bear Andrew's cell phone to give to OPA.  They find that Olivia has been in an abandon airport hangar in Pennsylvania this whole time. They get David to get a warrant for a "drug raid".  Jake lead the way through the hangar, the find the place, but nobody's there.  Fitz is in the situation watching footage from the war when he receives a call from Olivia.  They say hi and then Ian tells him that he's selling Olivia to the highest bidder.  Huck screen becomes alive with activity concerning Olivia, which is good because she's dropping bread crumbs for them.

It's 2nd Semester!
How to Get Away with Murder

Best Christmas Ever

Okay, so Sam's sister, Hannah spends the entire break at the Keating household whilst Annalise is gone.  An important thing to remember is that Annalise told her that she tried to cover up all of the evidence against Sam, and Hannah is probably convinced she's told her everything.  Asher tells Bonnie she hurt his feelings and Nate told Annalise that he told his wife about the two of them.  The biggest thing to remember here is that Sam's remains were found in a landfill.  

This week was amazing, and It can only get better from here!  Now that you're caught up, don't miss TGIT tonight starting at 8/7c on ABC!

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