Feb 19, 2015

#TGIT Recap Week 12

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Shondaland's Thursday Night Lineup continues.  Sadly, we've been snowed in this week and as a result, I've only been able to do Scandal's recap again.  Sorry, but I live with people who can't watch these shows and if you know me, you know I always try to make the time for Scandal, so once again, it's the only one I have a full recap for.  Just like last week, you will not be left stranded!  The highlights will be posted as well as the link to the official ABC recap!  This #TGIT Recap starts in 3... 2... 1...

The night we thought we were waiting for...
Grey's Anatomy
     Jackson and April have their baby, Samuel Norbert Avery, after a lot of drama brought on by April.  Can't blame her though, any mother would hope for a miracle at this point.  Amelia and Stephanie work on a patient, practicing a technique they'll use for Herman's surgery.  It works so well that they guy actually got his sight back, even though everyone was sure he wouldn't.  Meredith is trying to find someone to cover her on-call shift and take care of her kids while she goes to surprise Derek in D.C.  Her sister Maggie steps up to take care of the kids, because apparently she just loves kids, and Richard ended up taking over her shift even though he originally didn't because he wanted to be their for Catherine.  Amelia gets everyone the hospital to light a candle in the chapel and is happy when she sees them at the end of the day.  She tells Owen about her baby when he sits down next to her. 

Viewer Discretion is Advised! 
Gladiators Don't Run

Okay, so I don't know about the rest of you guys out there, but I get a little too excited when they say that viewer discretion is advised.  What can I say?  That means there's a good chance we're going to see Huck do what he does best!  I LOVE IT!  Now on to the recap!...

  Abby sits in the park in front of the White House with two coffee cups, but nobody shows up.  She returns to her office and tries to call Olivia for the ten billionth time.  She goes to Olivia's apartment and sees the wine glass and the stain.  She then goes to OPA because of course Huck and Quinn know!  Huck says that she's not a gladiator anymore, so she can't know.  She leaves and he tells Quinn that they can't trust the White House.

  Cyrus brings in a couple of documents: 1. An executive order terminating the entire secret service staff 2. An executive order that says the navy seals protect the White House instead 3. The Vice President's letter of resignation.  Fitz says he wants to get in on Olivia's auction, so that's exactly what happens.
  Creepy Guy #2 is questioning everything that's happening, "it's not the plan".  Guess what everybody!  He finally has a name!  It's Gus!  Andrew calls Ian and is asking about how "his project" is going and Ian tells him that he's making the a new deal... with the highest bidder.
  The rules of the Dark Net are simple... You have to be invited, but you need "terrorist street cred" and a crap ton of money in order to be invited. Jake, Huck, and Quinn decide to pull their money together to get in the bidding themselves.  Huck has $2,000,400,087.38 that would be 2 billion 400 thousand 87 dollars and 38 cents.  Where did he get all of that money? He routed the B613 money to his account when he shut it down!

  Ian asks Olivia how much she thinks she'll go for.  She thinks about 1.5 billion.  He promises her that she can choose whichever bidder she wants, in order to stay away from the creeps.  With one second to go before the auction begins, they shake hands as Gus shoots Ian from behind and kills him!

  Huck can't find the auction site!  Meanwhile, wherever they are, Gus cleans the blood off Olivia's face.  At OPA, they decide to pick an all star international terrorist to help them get invited... Mama Pope!
While Maya is trying to make a deal, David shoots everything down.  Quinn suggests a TV and it's a deal. Maya starts telling Huck what to do and it leads to the malicious deaths of a few guys as payment to get into the auction.  Jake goes in to check on Huck since he's been in there for too long and sees the devastating excitement that Huck has caused and tells him to clean up while Jake cuts off the heads of the dead for proof.
  Back at the White House, Andrew doesn't accept his resignation and threatens to expose Fitz for going to war with Olivia.  When Cyrus tell Fitz, he  suggests that they try to prove that the assassination attempt was staged.  Cyrus pays a visit to Lizzy Bear while she's shredding a bunch of files, skipping town.  He gets her to agree to testify against him.  Andrew pulls Mellie aside and tells him that if they come for him he will expose their affair.

  Olivia tries to convince the two guys running to auction to turn on Gus in return for protection.  They decide to stick with the current plan.  Abby asks Fitz of something's wrong with Olivia.  She storms into David's office mad that he didn't tell her.  She tells him that he has to tell her when her only friend is kidnapped because she's not in the loop anymore.  He tells her that Olivia's not her only friend.
  Mellie tells Fitz that Andrew will expose her and ruin her reputation so he can't leave.  She asks him what he wants more than anything in the world.  He responds with Jerry.  She asks for something more realistic and he says he wants Olivia home.  He asks her and she says that she wants to become President of the United States.  Because of this, Fitz decides to let Andrew walk.
  Back at OPA, Quinn and Jake talk in Harrison's office.  Quinn also mentions that it was Stephen's office, so she thinks that it's full of ghosts. Jake is worried, but Quinn says that he will be fine once Olivia is back. Huck comes by and says that the password worked and that he's in.  Once they're in and about to bid, the auction is suspended.  Cyrus brings in a red folder and wakes Fitz up so he can go to the Situation Room.  Gus wakes Olivia up and tells her that, because they're paying cash, she has been sold to Iran!  In the Situation Room, Fitz decides to keep going with an extraction plan instead of neutralization.  Cyrus talks to him after and Fitz tells him about Mellie meeting each of the dead soldiers that return.  They have to get Olivia back because these soldiers died because he tried to get her back.  At OPA, they try to figure out which country has her.  Huck says that they will use her as a tool to control  and goes into explicit detail, saying that she's dead and Quinn flips out on him.

Olivia is taken out of a truck with a bag over her head as she is about to be given to her buyer.  The bag is removed and the buyer comes to meet them.  The promo for this week suggests that we don't know who really bought Olivia Pope, so maybe it's not really Iran after all.  One thing is for sure, we will find out tonight!  Don't miss it!

They found a ring!
How to Get Away with Murder

She's A Murderer
  Hannah makes it her mission to put Annalise in jail for murdering her brother.  She even testifies against Annalise to help get a search warrant .  It's spotless, of course. The funny things is that she didn't do it, she just helped cover it up.  Bonnie figures it out after the police search the house, so now she is in cahoots with everybody else.  Connor and Michaela are doubting Annalise's ability to help them get away with murder, and she promises them that she will help them.  She tells Connor that she sees herself in him, so she gets why he'll never fully trust her.  The police trace Sam's remains to the woods where he was burned and Michaela freaks out because her ring was lost there.  The police find the ring, Sam's ring, which Annalise had Frank place with Nate's fingerprint on it.  That's right, she framed him!  She makes a call to her mom and breaks down.

There you have it!  Don't miss TGIT tonight starting at 8/7c on ABC!

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