Aug 2, 2013

Cody Simpson "Surfers Paradise"


This music review is brought to you by 
The Flamingo
(Because Banana would never admit to liking something this cool)  
Okay, so here's a little back story on why I even know Cody Simpson exists.  The 8yo little coconut and I went to the Justin Bieber concert in January of this year.  Justin's opening acts were Carly Rae Jepsen (Banana LURVES her music) and Cody Simpson.  So we were like "who?" and then I was like "I think I have heard of him" so we went to the concert with very low expectations for Cody and were pleasantly surprised by his performance.  He can sing, he can dance and he plays a pretty good guitar.  Needless to say we turned into a couple of  the biggest fans ever! (I think I am a little bit of a bigger fan of Cody than I am Justin now.)

After downloading both of his albums (the next day) and listening to him I would describe Cody Simpson best as "Beach Pop".  He definitely is a pop singer but his music has more a beach feel to it like maybe if you mixed Jimmy Buffet with a little bit of today's teen top 40 (1D, Austin Mahone and the like).  Honestly I don't know what this kid has to do to get some radio play in the US.  I think he is as good if not better than some of the acts we are hearing non stop on the radio right now.

This is Coconut and I at Built a Bear Workshop with our Cody Simpson Koala.  
We named her "Angel" after Cody's song and also he calls his fans "Cody's Angels". 

Here is a pic of the new album and my review

If you  are in the mood for a totally chill, beachy, relaxed summer album Surfers Paradise is for you!  There are 8 songs on the album and I like all of them at least a little. This album is easy to listen to from start to finish and you can definitely feel Cody's roots from the Australian coast where he grew up come through.  There are a couple artists that are featured on the album, Asher Roth brings a bit of the ever popular "rap bridge" to 'Imma be cool' and Ziggy Marley gives the track 'Love' a bit of a boost that I really enjoy. My favorite track by far is 'Sinkin' In' ~love, love, love it! I also really like 'Pretty Brown Eyes' which was the first single from the album. 

There are a few elements that annoy me, like the whistling on the track 'Summertime of our Lives' and the fact that 3 songs start with the exact same line, but all in all I could blend most of these tracks on to any of my playlists without much of a problem.  

 I would officially give Cody Simpson's Surfers Paradise 
7 out of 10 Awesome Guitar Riffs

I also throw in 1 cool surfboard
a weekend at the beach so I could listen to Surfers Paradise in the proper setting. 
Banana has something to say about this too!  

The only song that could have a chance at making it on the radio and being a hit would be his song "Pretty Brown Eyes"...  but if I was in the mood for something "beachy" I wouldn't mind another song or two off the album...  and the song "If You Left Him For Me" has the vibe that I look for in a pop song.

Reasons why I sorta don't like the rest of the album...

Several songs start with him saying "I like this right here" (The "same line" mentioned previously in Flamingo's review) and/or he says the word "fly" in a song, which is not so fly...  The songs that fit this criteria include "No Ceiling", "Pretty Brown Eyes", and "Imma Be Cool (feat. Asher Roth)"... I would also like to say that his song "La Da Dee" makes absolutely no sense to me... Why would he make a whole song out of three non-words?...

I would give this album just a surfboard... and I'll take a weekend at the beach too since Flamingo is apparently going anyway...

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