Aug 9, 2013

Review - I Would by Robert Zimmermann

I Would

I will start this review by saying I am not a big reader of poetry.  It usually doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me most of the time and I feel like I should always be looking for a deeper meaning than what I think I'm getting.  Sometimes it makes me feel stupid that I might not see what the author wants me to see. That being said, I will give anything a try.  I think "I Would" was an ebook I just saw through a tweet, that was free on Amazon so why not right?  

This poem effected me in a way I didn't expect.  It was written as a Valentine's Gift to someone special to the author that at this time he isn't able to be with and also for people that are in a similar position.  Although I haven't been separated from my husband for a significant amount of time, there have been times in our 20 year marriage that we were moving from state to state and he had to go ahead of me so we could sell a house or if he needed to start a job.  I never liked being away from him, even for a few weeks and my heart would literally ache sometimes missing him.  I suppose that is one way I really felt a connection to this poem.  

You can tell that the author wishes there is some way to make the distance smaller between he and the woman he is away from, using examples of folding a map trying to make the distance shorter, teleporting, scaling mountains, even creating a wormhole, which I found most interesting.  Who would you try and crawl through a wormhole for.  It wouldn't be comfortable and it would be really hard but you would do it.....for whom?

Ultimately he finds another option, to close his eyes and use his mind to think of her which makes him feel closer to her until he can cut the distance.  This is his solution.  I believe that sometimes we all do this in a way, it may be what we have to do to feel close to those we love and can't be with, or see, or even talk to, because they have been separated from us by miles or even perhaps by death.  It is something I have used a lot to be closer to my mom that passed away not even a year ago.  It's the happy memories and good times that always see us through the bad.  It's these things we have in our mind and cannot be taken away that help us the most.

Thank you Robert for sharing this poem with me and with the world.  Reading this poem several times and thinking about it because I knew I wanted to give it a good review after reading it has been so good for me.  I would encourage anyone that would like to take a chance on poetry to read this.  It was obviously thought provoking for me.

For anyone interested, this poem is currently free (as of today) for Kindle on Amazon.  Just click the link below to download and enjoy!

This review was done by Flamingo from the Sarcastic Palmtree. The hot pink just didn't quite feel right for this review.  Hope you enjoyed.  Any comments you have would be welcome.

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