Aug 5, 2013

Book Review
By Tiffany King

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So this is my first book review and I'm excited to be doing it.  Jordyn was the only one of Tiffany King's books I had not yet read.  You know how big the "to be read" pile can get so for some reason this one just got pushed back.  Once I started reading, as usual, I was sucked right in as I am with all of her books and then I say to myself  "this one sat there for so long why?!?!" 

I always love the characters in Tiffany's books and Jordyn was no exception.  Jordyn herself is a kick butt daemon hunter that can take on pretty much anyone or anything, anytime.   She has a whole lot of attitude and sarcasm is her forte.  Reminds me a little bit of someone else I may know.....although I haven't run into any daemons lately and I would probably have to run from them and hope for the best if I did. 

Jordyn is a typical 17 almost 18 year old girl in that she is trying to find her way and figure out who she is.  Because of her awesome daemon fighting talents and other abilities she struggles to just feel like a normal person.  This 'normal' she is seeking is found when she is with Emrys.

Emrys is your local bad boy, Soul Trader and what girl doesn't want to have the bad boy right?  When Emrys isn't busy delivering souls to "The Between", he is sweeping Jordyn off her feet and taking her away from life for a while to different places around the world.  Sounds pretty good huh? Emrys is pretty hot and Jordyn can't help but want to be with him all the time much to the chagrin of pretty much everyone else she knows. 

I really like the other supporting characters in this book as well.  Jordyn's Aunt and Uncle, Krista and Mark, her best friend Lynn, and Arch Angel Haniel (who I wouldn't mind smacking in the head every once in a while) who watches out and trains Jordyn.

The driving force of the story was the fact that there is a big secret they are keeping from Jordyn.  This is the part where I just want to kick Haniel in the face!  He knows what's up but won't tell anyone because "The Light" won't allow it.  It's one of those things that you see later would have probably saved a lot of problems if they would have just been up front to begin with but he isn't a rule breaker or even a rule bender so he just doesn't see it as wrong.  It makes me mad, but at the same time it helps to drive the story.  Can't let the cat out of the bag in the first chapter right?  

The book is obviously first in a series as it really leaves you hanging and it's a good thing I happen to have the next one on hand or I might have to start sending large amounts of chocolate in the mail to Miss Tiffany to bribe the next book out of her!  

You can come back to The Sarcastic Palmtree on August 15th when we help Tiffany out with her realease day launch and I will have a review of the 2nd book:

 For the totally made up official rating of 

I give Jordyn 8 dead daemons
a really hot date with Emrys because she deserves it after kicking the 8 daemon's butts!

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