Aug 24, 2013

  Movies we can't wait to see!
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So we have seen a lot of great movies this summer but the next few months some great movies we are MAJORLY excited to see, are coming out!  So here, in no particular order, is what we are looking forward to most and why!
The Hunger Games: Catching Fire 11/22

So this is the #1 movie I am looking forward to this year!  It is my favorite book in the Hunger Games series and after the excellent job they did with the first movie I am totally pumped for this one.  I might add that the casting for Finnick Odair is SPOT ON for me.  November 22, get here already! 
Ditto to everything already said... (except for the favorite book thing).  I have to admit that I have been counting down the days until November 22 since they said that was the release date.  The last movie was done almost perfectly- the casting, the acting, everything!  This series at times can be criticized because of the whole "kids-killing-kids theme" but this movie is going to prove those idiots wrong!  There's a whole underlying theme that is brought out in this story that sets up the finale to the series.  Anyway... there aren't enough words to describe how excited I am to see this movie!

Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters 8/7

Okay, so the first movie in this series was a little disappointing for me, but this book was probably my favorite of the series and as long as they don't mess it up again, it could be one to watch time and time again just because I enjoyed the book so much!  Let's all keep our fingers crossed for this one to turn out better.

The first movie was such a letdown for me.  I liked the book but the movie was almost a different storyline from the book AND they changed the bad guy (although Luke is still a bad guy).  I am most excited for this movie because Nathan Fillion (who plays Richard Castle on the TV show Castle) is playing one of the gods in this movie.  I liked this book better than the first one so I hope that it will be 100% better than the first one. 

The Mortal Instruments : City of Bones 8/21

This is one movie I have been waiting for almost as much as Catching Fire!  The book series is one of my absolute favorites and I am re-reading them again right now which is making me even more excited to see it.  From a trailer POV, The casting is excellent especially for Jace.  I am super excited to see how Jamie Campbell Bower does in this role.  Hopefully this will be all that I am expecting and more!
I plan on reviewing the book or the movie soon but I just wanna say that I had to keep putting the book down for school reading the past few years so I have the first part of the book memorized so they better do a good job on that part!  ;)  I definitely think they casted Jace great, he looks like how I pictured Jace in the book.  As far as everyone else goes I felt like they casted most of them good.  Clary and her mom look almost identical. 

Ender's Game 11/1

Ender's Game is a book I read a couple years ago thanks to Banana's 4th grade teacher.  I probably would have never picked it up otherwise but I'm certainly glad I did!  I think this one has a lot of potential and I was THRILLED when they cast Harrison Ford for the movie!  (Interesting fact: Banana was named after Harrison Ford.  He has such a cool mom!) 

That was going to be MY interesting fact!  I thought the book was good but I hardly remember anything about it so I can't wait for my memory to be refreshed.  I do think based on the casting for this movie as well that it will be a good movie, they have lots of good actors such as Harrison Ford!

One Direction: This is Us 8/30

Honestly, I cannot wait to read Banana's post after mine on this one!  The main reason I am looking forward to this movie is that I will get to have a date with my 8yo.  I also want to see it due to the fact that Never Say Never turned me into a big fan of Justin Bieber and I'm honestly hoping I will love 1D even more after seeing this one. 

Now... for my true thought... I do want to go on that "date" with Flamingo and the 8yo!  But I want to be in the theater next door watching City of Bones... because it will be the #2 movie of the year and that's only because Catching Fire is coming out this year... ;)
Free Birds 11/1
Okay, so on the whole I am kinda tired of sub-par animated movies (The latest being Turbo which I just keep referring to as "the stupid snail movie" is one I don't care if I EVER see) That being said, when I saw the trailer for Free Birds I was intrigued.  The little bit of government espionage that it looks like they have woven into the story makes me interested as well as the fact that I can't wait to see what we should/will be eating for Thanksgiving dinner instead of turkey once they change the past.  

 I'm gonna have to say that I agree with how bad animated movies have been this year except for Despicable Me 2 (Monsters University wasn't bad, but it was only worthy of parenthesis).  That being said, I can't wait for this movie because it looks good enough for me to talk about it!  I'm up for any movie with Woody Harrelson in it (especially since he played Haymitch in The Hunger Games).  I hope that we end up eating something good on Thanksgiving after they change it. 

Thor: The Dark World 11/8

The #1 reason I'm looking forward to Thor is of course Chris Hemsworth.  The man is beautiful and I can never get too much of him!  I was a big fan of the first Thor movie and am excited to see where they take this story next and also how they transition what happened in The Avengers (one of my favorites from last year) into this one. 
 OMG!! I SOOO totally think that Thor is as hot as like all the 1D boys combined! (Just joking there again)
But in all seriousness, I thought the first one went by so fast and I can't wait to see what they do with this one.  I have seen the trailer and I think that it may be better than the other one but we will have to see.  I hope it keeps on moving like the last one. 
So that's it!  We hope you enjoyed our thoughts and we always welcome your comments!  Happy movie watching!  We seriously want your comments though... ;)

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