Jul 23, 2013

Welcome to the Sarcastic Palmtree! :D

HI!  Welcome to the Sarcastic Palmtree...

We are the brainchild of none other than author extraordinaire Tiffany King (follow her on twitter @AuthorTiffany) and dang it go out and read her books!  She is ok... (That means we heart her hard!)

We can't give her all the credit though... We knew we were totally awesome!  ;)  So we thought we would share that awesomeness with the world...

We are starting our first post with a short review of the 2nd (and 3rd) movie we saw this summer...  (The first will remain nameless as we just don't really wanna review it)


The first movie (Despicable Me) was one of our favorites... we've seen it a billion times and could quote the entire thing.  If you can't remember how good it was go buy it at WalMart or Target or Best Buy or Kmart.  I even think I saw it at CVS.  THEN, since you will be all up to speed on the lives of Gru, Agnes, Margo, Edith and The Minions (Dave, Bob, Stuart, Phil, Tim, the ones that like the banana), and their dog Kyle... you're ready to re-enter the epic world of Despicable Me 2! 

This one starts out with a big magnet ship taking a secret lab located at the Arctic Circle by the new villain who no one yet knows.  The AVL (Anti-Villain League) recruits Gru to help figure out who this new nemesis is.   You can't help but love Agnes's birthday party at the beginning of the movie.  She gets a visit from the fairy princess Gruzinkerbell that the neighbor lady is trying to fix up on a date.  But the girls think that he's in love with AVL associate Lucy voiced by Kristen Wiig (she also voiced Miss Hattie in the first one).  Speaking of dating... Margo starts to like boys, which Edith and Agnes think is disgusting and upsets Gru, of course.  The antics of the minions are taken to a new level in this sequel. The mayhem continues to make the sequel almost as good as the first one!  :D

On our totally made up rating scale... we give Despicable Me 2 *Drumroll please*
 10/10 sarcastic comments
We also throw in a large popcorn bucket, 2 coke zeros, and a box of Junior Mints (for Kramer) because we really really loved it! (so much we saw it twice!)

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