Oct 1, 2015

#TGIT Recap Season 2 ~ Week 1

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To see last week's recap click here.

Shondaland's Thursday lineup has come back full force, and it's only gaining speed from here!  Here's the recap for this week just in case you missed it (which is an OMG moment itself) or just need to remember what happened.

Life is Good Again!
Grey's Anatomy
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Grey's Anatomy without Derek is extremely weird, which is to be expected.  However, life goes on, and everyone has to keep going.  Meredith wakes up to a bunch of banging downstairs which turns out to be Amelia busting the wall open!  Why would she do that? Because Meredith was joking about it the night before whilst she was drunk.  This leads to the two complaining to Maggie the whole time about the other and she finally makes them talk to each other at the end of the episode.
Other Important Things:
  • Bailey was intimidated by the other candidate for Chief of Surgery, but she ended up fighting for the position and now it's hers! 
  • April comes back and wants to talk to Jackson, but he in't in the mood to talk, so they're still working things out
  • On the bright side, Jo and Alex have their little studio apartment and things are going well, even if Alex talks about his depressing experiences of being a bullied fat kid
  • Arizona is looking for a new roommate, but nobody has picked her up on her offer (she was so desperate that she actually tore one of the things off her flyer!) until one of the new guys at the hospital asks about it 
  • Callie gets a little too involved with the big case of the week, involving two teenage girls who jump in front of a train because they can't be together (Maggie ended up punching the mother of one of the victims in the face though, and it was awesome!)

They're Exposed... Finally!
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Heavy is the Head
 This episode followed the case of Princess Emily, who was a normal Iowa girl until she married her prince.  She has lived a life in the spotlight ever since and there was a lot of parallels between her relationship and Olitz (if they were to be exposed).  By the end of the episode, Olivia tells Fitz what she learned from this case, that they won't be able to make it in the public eye if they don't fix their issues first.  What happens right after this beautifully well written and executed monologue?  Everyone's favorite character Sally Langston has incriminating pictures exposing their relationship.  The big question now is, now that they're out to the public, will they be able to make their relationship work this time around?
Other Important Things:
  • Huck asks Olivia to fix him but she tells him that she doesn't know how to, so he goes to Jake
  • Fitz gave Mellie divorce papers!
  • On a better note, Mellie is sworn in as Senator of Virginia
  • Lizzie Bear has officially become Elizabeth North, Chief of Staff, which makes Abby nervous because she is waiting to be fired and Liz doesn't act the same way as Cyrus
  • If you thought Liz and Mellie were ever going to work together again, you're 100% wrong
  • Wondering where Quinn is?  She's still at OPA and told Huck not to come back until he tells Olivia what he did and fixes his problems
  • In case you were wondering, the Queen had the Princess assassinated because she was cheating on the Prince (with her bodyguard) and got pregnant

As if it wasn't already too much...
How to Get Away with Murder
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It's Time to Move On
If you had any doubts about whether this season would be good or not, they should've gone away after last night! Just remember that, statistically, you're going to be murdered by someone you know! 
The case of the week follow two siblings who are accused of murdering their filthy rich parents.  Annalise earns her way to being their lawyer by tricking the other lawyer into presenting false evindence in the trial.  In the end of the episode, we flash forward two months at their house in the middle of the night.  There's a gunshot, then someone runs out, and it's Wes!  We go back to inside the house and see Annalise bleeding out on the floor, but she's still alive!  But the big question is if he did shoot her, why did he do it!?
Other Important Things:
  • Frank took care of Rebecca's dead body and he tries to prove Wes did it, but 
  • Bonnie was the one who killed Rebecca (by suffocation) because she didn't trust her
  • Everyone thinks Rebecca ran away until Laurel figures it out because she's awesome like that!
  • Annalise's ex girlfriend, Eve (who she left for Sam), comes for a visit because she's the lawyer Annalise told Nate to call at the end of last season.  She originally is against it, but ends up going for it in the end.
  • Michaela texted Eggs 911 on her phone at at the end of the episode, while she's clubbin' with the rest of the Keating Crew, she gets a reply, but doesn't see it.

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Ready?  Now you're ready to watch #TGIT tonight starting at 8/7c on ABC! DO NOT MISS IT!

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