Oct 8, 2015

#TGIT Recap Season 2 ~ Week 2

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To see last week's recap click here.

TGIT was amazing this week!  So many big things happened: New Chief of Surgeries, Affairs going public, and attempted murders grow into something more!  Here's your recap of last week's amazing episodes!

Chief Miranda Bailey: Day 1
Grey's Anatomy
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Walking Tall
It's official!  Dr. Miranda Bailey is Chief of Surgery at the hospital!  In an effort to make it the most perfect first day ever, she fails miserably.  By the end of the day, she has a heart-to-heart with Richard, who gives her advice on making the next day better.  The Nazi cannot rule the hospital and make it successful.
Other Important Things:

  • April has a rash on her back, so she's contained in the bubble for the duration of the episode
    • She talks to Jackson and says she's willing to fight for their marriage
  • Amelia tries to figure out her relationship status with Owen and goes to talk to April
  • Richard has a hard time with Bailey not coming to him looking for advice, so he goes to talk to April
  • Callie is flaunting her new relationship, which bothers Arizona, who talks to April about it
  • Bailey dumps all of her old responsibilities on Meredith, who has Edwards help her do it all
    • Bailey tells her it's because she's promoting her to Chief of General Surgery!
  • In their heart-to-heart, Richard gives Bailey the stethoscope he received on his first day of residency

"Olivia Pope! Are you the President's mistress?"...
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There really isn't much that actually happened in this episode because it mainly focused around fixing the allegations of the Olitz affair and Olivia hiding from the press.  In the end, after everything was settled, she told the same group of reporters crowding her apartment from the season two finale (that moment still gives me goosebumps when I watch it!) that she was indeed the President's mistress!
Other Important Things:

  • It was Liz who leaked the photos to Sally Langston!
    • Abby uses that to blackmail her way into an equal partnership between the two
  • Abby goes to Cyrus looking for advice to fix the situation at the White House 
    • As a result, she's got power and Mellie is back in the picture
  •   Quinn doesn't believe that Jake has fixed Huck, who is trying his best to work out his problems
  • Before Olivia got out of the car at the end of the episode, she listened to a voice message from Fitz, telling her he and Mellie were going to deny the affair

The story progresses...
How to Get Away with Murder
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She's Dying
We start the episode where we ended last week: Wes running from the mansion where Annalise was shot.  The narrative changed a little bit though because he runs to Michaela and Laurel.  Where's Connor? He's with Annalise... applying pressure to her wounds!
Other Important Things:

  • After a questionable preliminary hearing, Nate is free from his charges
  • The rich Hapstall siblings lied about the brother's whereabouts on the night of their aunt's murder and Annalise ripped them for it
  • Annalise's lesbian lover chick left after a night of doing adult things
    • Nate sees them kissing on Annalise's front porch (from his car because he be creepin'!)
  • Oliver got HIV after Connor cheated on him (he wanted to get him back)
    • Connor feels guilty about it because he's the one who put him in that position
  • At the courthouse, Michaela and Connor run into a guy that Connor tells her to go for, which she does later on in the episode
    • It's pretty safe to assume he is Eggs 911 
  • The annoying lawyer chick on the accusing side of Nate's case is taking on the opposing side of the Hapstall case
    • At the end of the episode, we find out that, two months later, she's dead on the ground in front of the mansion

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