Oct 15, 2015

#TGIT Recap Season 2 ~ Week 3

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This week's episodes of TGIT were great!  There was a some adult things happening this week as well as the normal dose of drama, plus the extra person getting thrown under the bus!  Yeah, it was a great week!  Here's your weekly recap...

Baby issues?
Grey's Anatomy
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I Choose You
This episode mainly focused on Alex and a case with two newborn twins that are dying from tumors.  The Challenge: He can only choose one to get a liver transplant from the father, who was a match.  Amongst this is new drama with Jo, who found an old record or receipt or something that involved the embryos he froze with Izzie.  This led to a whole conversation about their future and they ended up working it out.  
Other important things:

  • Maggie was invited to her ex boyfriend's wedding, which was not cool, but then she makes out with the new guy, Andrew so it all ends up okay!  ;)
  • Meredith is being told she's not getting paid enough for her new job, so she finally just goes to Bailey and asks for a raise, so she is proud of her
  • Jackson kept trying to get April out of his apartment, but since she wouldn't leave, he left (to Bailey's house)

"Watch me choose you!"
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Paris Is Burning
The moment we've waited FIVE SEASONS for finally happened: Olitz has gone public!  This leads to massive negotiations in the White House between Ftiz and Mellie because they need to do an interview together, proving that they're stronger than ever.  Abby and Cyrus are the messengers for both sides respectively. Long story short, they come to an agreement but Mellie drops out at the last minute.  The White House has to go to its last resort by throwing Olivia on the bus!
Other important things:

  • Cyrus makes a big speech to Ftiz about how he should get his job back and they can finish out what they started.  Fitz's response: "you don't work here anymore"
  • This is what influences Cyrus to play Mellie and convincing her to drop out of the interview
  • Olivia sees Mellie in her gigantic closet and she has a beautiful monologue about giving up everything to be First Lady and how her hooch is the only thing that makes her feel alive instead of numb.
  • Back at OPA, Jake, Quinn, and Huck have a drinking party because they assume it's the end for them
  • At the end of the episode, Quinn points out that the Louvre is on fire, but the biggest story is still the Olitz scandal
  • This prompts Jake to go talk to Papa Pope in prison and he ends the episode with one of his sophisticated coded references to old literature or something, so we're confused now because now we don't know who's behind all of this!

As if it wasn't already too much...
How to Get Away with Murder
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It's Called the Octopus
This episode focuses a lot on adult things, but in the overall story, it really was about Nate.  He ends up getting his job back as a police officer, but the really interesting thing is that he's now involved with the night that happens seven weeks from now.  He calls Annalise, but she never answers. At the end of the episode we see him getting the (now escaped) Keating 4 in his police car.
Other important things: 

  • The maid for the Hapstalls leaks photos of them that makes it appear as if they are incestuous, which we've come to find out is true!
  • Wes discovers the guy that Michaela is currently seeing (Levi) is EGGS 911!  What's even more shocking is that it's Rebecca's brother!  
    • Where did the "Eggs" in "EGGS 911"come from? It was Rebecca's nickname after she dropped a carton of eggs
  • Asher is being blackmailed by Emily Sinclair into getting information from Annalise on the Hapstall case
    • The Dirt: There's something to do with a girl named Tiffany at a place called Trotter Lake
  • Connor is all ready to do adult things with Oliver so they're happy again, but the biggest accomplishment for Connor was that he never did adult things with anyone before then! 

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