Sep 24, 2015

#TGIT Recap ~ Season 2 Premiere

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Calling all Shondaland b**** babies!  #TGIT is back, which means that we will be getting all of the feels that we've been missing for what feels like forever now!  This also means that the #TGIT Recap on The Sarcastic Palmtree have also returned!  Today, we've got trailers for the new season and of course a quick recap of what happened when we left off!

First, the legendary...
Grey's Anatomy
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Last season was so good, but it came at a very dark cost.  Derek is dead, which should make this season the most interesting because we've never known the show without him.
Important things to remember:
  • Richard and Catherine work things out and get married
  • Jackson tells April that if she leaves, he won't be there when she returns, she breaks down with Arizona comforting her after the wedding
  • Miranda Bailey is the new Chief of Surgery, at least according to her, but she still has to go against another candidate 
  • Maggie's parents are getting a divorce and she's devastated, but the good news is that she tells Meredith, who tells her that she can help with anything
  • Jo buys Alex a home for them to move in to and tells him to sell Meredith her house back
  • Also, remember it's been about a year since Derek died and Meredith has another kid

Is this happening right now?
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It's official!  Olivia and Fitz are together!  It only took until season 5 to get them together and we can't wait to see where this goes.
Other important things:
  • Jake claims his mission is over, so we don't know what's happening with him now
  • Mellie is now Senator of Virginia, at the cost of 10 juror's lives
  • Mellie and Cyrus both get kicked out of the White House!!!!
  • Lizzie Bear is now Fitz's Chief of Staff 
  • Papa Pope is in jail and Mama Pope is out
  • B613 is now officially off the record
  • Huck's life is currently hanging in the balance and it's all up to Quinn if he lives

As if it wasn't already too much...
How to Get Away with Murder
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It's been almost seven months since the finale of the jaw-dropping first season of How to Get Away with Murder!  I think you can agree with me when I saw that is way too long!  The big question that was left for us at the end of the first season, which helped Viola Davis become the first African American woman to receive an Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actress In A Drama Series, is "who killed Rebecca?" and we want to know!  My basic theory is that whoever she texted "Eggs 911" to is at least involved, if not the murderer.
Other important things to remember:
  • Nate is out of jail, and he called the lawyer Annalise recommended 
  • Sam hired Frank to kill Lila because "he owed him one"
  • Laurel had Michaela's engagement ring this whole time
  • Michaela is not getting married and she's got another side that we haven't seen before
  • Oliver has HIV and Connor doesn't 
  • Bonnie and Asher are still together but haven't told Annalise yet
  • Annalise and Wes have decided to believe Sam killed Lila
  • Frank and Annalise are the only ones that know Rebecca is dead

HTGAWM Season 2 Official Trailer
Watch the Official Trailer of the #HTGAWM Season 2 with #Emmy winner Viola Davis. #TGIT returns this Thursday, September 24th starting at 8|7c.
Posted by How to Get Away With Murder on Tuesday, September 22, 2015

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Great!  Now you're ready to watch #TGIT tonight starting at 8/7c on ABC! DO NOT MISS IT!

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