Sep 21, 2015

Carly Rae Jepsen ~ E•MO•TION ~ Review Part 2: The Album

Welcome back!  I hope you enjoyed my review of the singles from the new Carly Rae Jepsen album E•MO•TION.  Now, sit back and relax as you read my thoughts on the rest of the album...
1. Run Away With Me
3. I Really Like You
4. Gimmie Love
5. All That
6. Boy Problems
7. Making the Most of the Night
8. Your Type
9. Let's Get Lost
10. LA Hallucinations
11. Warm Blood
12. When I Needed You
13. Black Heart*
14. I Didn't Just Come Here to Dance*
15. Favourite Colour*
16. Never Get to Hold You**
17. Love Again**
*Featured on the Deluxe Edition                                                          **Featured on the Target Exclusive Edition
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If you've read my last music review, you'd know that we've introduced a new component to the review process known as the First Top Five.  If you don't know what it is, then click here to see the explanation.
Now that you know what it is, here is my First Top Five for E•MO•TION:
I Really Like You

Gimmie Love

Making the Most of the Night

Your Type

Favourite Colour

Please note:  I've kept this list since the release of I Really Like You to be fair 

Now, on to the actual review...
This album flows seamlessly from one song to the next.  The style of each song is different than the one before, but it still has some of the same attributes.  The best example I can think of is when the album goes from Let's Get Lost to LA Hallucinations to Warm Blood.  The theme of Let's Get Lost is the same as its title (obviously), and then we land into LA Hallucinations, which has a pure/indie pop feel, which leads into the indie pop feel of Warm Blood.

The first time I heard LA Hallucinations, I didn't think I would like it at all, but hoped it would grow on me.   If I could go back to that moment and slap myself in the face, I would!  This song is probably my favorite song on this album since Run Away With Me!  The song is really the story of a normal person who becomes a celebrity practically overnight.  All you want is to have one more normal day, but you can't because you're too busy or you're trying to run from Buzzfeed and TMZ.  The line "Buzzfeed buzzes and TMZ crows, what more can I say that you don't already know" really hits me (and it constantly stays in my head).  Thanks to this song there will always be a "little black hole in my golden cup" as well!

Gimmie Love is another amazing song.  It makes you want to dance, like always, but the lyrics themselves show how much more mature this album is! I remember listening to this song the first time and hearing a certain word drop in the beginning of the second verse and I was like, "OH YEAH! My baby's all grown up now!  She's using big kid words!"  This is not what I necessarily mean by how mature the album is (it isn't anywhere near explicit, which is awesome!).  The choice of words and execution is more creative and clean in comparison to her last album, Kiss.  I've been saying that, ever since this album came out, if Carly Rae Jepsen wrote an entire album for Ariana Grande to sing, it would be the best album in the world. With the amazing lyrics combined with the perfect vocals, it would be unmatched!

There are a few songs on this album that remind me of other songs.  I won't say that they would all go together well, but I think they have a lot of the same style and characteristics.  The chorus of When I Needed You reminds me of the theme song for the PBS show Arthur, something I used to love as a kid.  Don't let this make it seem like a horrible song, because it's not. The next song, Black Heart, immediately reminded me of the Hannah Montana song Old Blue Jeans, with it's modern techno vibes. Thanks for dusting off the synthesizers, ladies!  These pairs of songs don't go together lyrically, but there is one final pair that's got potential for a really good mash up!  I Didn't Just Come Here to Dance would be perfectly put together with Vogue by the one and only Madonna.  I can hear it all together in my head, but I don't have the talent of Becca Mitchell from Pitch Perfect to do these things, and it disappoints me. Anyway, these songs also have a great 80s vibe that makes you want to dance.

While When I Needed You could be a good place to end this album, Favourite Colour is really where the album should end.  Remember how before I was talking about how the album has become more mature, this is the perfect example.  It's got amazing deep lyrics that are incomparable to anything else on this album.  Plus, this is the perfect ending for the flow of the album that I was talking about earlier, at least if you only buy the deluxe album.  The flow doesn't stop, however, if you get the Target Exclusive Edition of E•MO•TION.  The song Never Get to Hold You takes all the love and happiness from Favourite Color and tears it to amazing, lyrical pieces! These songs, paired together, are my favorite part of the entire album! Don't worry about the loss of love, because the song Love Again brings back hope to shine through at the end of the album!

To Sum it up...
Carly Rae Jepsen has produced an absolutely amazing follow up to her last album.  The flow of this album is the best that I have ever experienced from any album I've listened to.  With amazing lyrics and different combinations of music styles, there is at least one song on this album that can touch everyone.    Even though I'll be enjoying this for a very long time, I cannot wait to see what she has for us next!

I give E•MO•TION 5/5 Palmtrees! If I could give more, I would!  Go buy the album today!

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