Aug 21, 2015

Carly Rae Jepsen ~ E·MO·TION ~ Review Part I: The Singles

Hey everyone!  Today I am reviewing the new Carly Rae Jepsen album E•MO•TION.  Since this album happens to have a high number of songs, I will focus on it in two segments: The Singles and The Album.
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I Really Like You
In the early months of the year 2012, the world was changed forever when the song Call Me Maybe was released.  This song easily defines pop culture for that entire year.  It's smart, catchy lyrics made its way into everyone's heads for days at a time.  Fast forward three years to March of 2015.  Carly Rae Jepsen has done it again with her new single I Really Like You!  The music video, featuring THE Tom Hanks shows that, even though she's been gone for three years, Jepsen is still on top.  While, in my book, Call Me Maybe can never be replaced, I Really Like You can easily take second place.  I guess all I have left to say is that I really really really really really really like this song.

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About a month after the fast-paced I Really Like You, the down-tempo All That was released.  This song, for me, helped show what direction the album's sound was going with its heavy influence from the '80s.  Every time I hear this song, I feel like I'm being teleported back to this amazing decade of music.  In addition to this, the deep lyrics show her range as an artist.  While she can pop out hits such as Call Me Maybe and I Really Like You, All That shows there's even more under the surface.

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For a couple months, Carly Rae Jepsen went off the map, dropping hints towards her new album, but never releasing anything.  In June, she officially announced her new album E·MO·TION, and also dropped her song of the same title.  If there was anyone that had any doubts about whether this album was going to have a heavy '80 influence, this song immediately gets rid of them!  It's exciting, upbeat track makes you want to dance and sing along every time you hear it.

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This song, released mid-July, is my favorite song that has been released so far!  It has a very unique style, which makes this song a fresh addition to its predecessors.  This song easily ranks as one of my favorite songs of the year.  I have listened to it every single day since it was dropped, and I don't imagine I'll be letting that habit go in the next few months.  After the release of Run Away With Me, the world loved this song and even began to admit this album has great potential.  TIME Magazine wrote highly of the song, saying it's "Teenage Dream 2.0".  They even went as far to say this album is the "current frontunner for pop album of the year," to which I agree with 100 percent!  There has been no doubt left in my mind that this album will be great since this song was released.

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On Jun 22, the single Warm Blood was released, and it was announced that there would be two more following on a weekly basis.  This song is by far my least favorite of any song that has ever been released by Carly Rae Jepsen.  That being said, after about five to seven times of listening to this song, I really started to like it.  There's always going to be that one song that doesn't immediately strike your fancy, and that's what this song was for me.  Because of the more "indie" vibe of Warm Blood, I'm sure would've been released on a Twilight soundtrack if it had the chance.  This was ultimately the thought that led to my liking of this track, which I am not ashamed to admit.

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After Warm Blood, I was obviously a little worried that this wasn't going to be good.  Looking back I can't believe I was so stupid because this is another amazing song.  This song has only helped show that E·MO·TION definitely has a good chance at becoming the new definition of pop music.  Once again, everything about this song is great: the lyrics, the music, and everything else!

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This song couldn't have been released at a more perfect time in my life.  I just had to deal with a situation that this song reminds me of every time I listen to it.  Sometimes people have to deal with the fact that, while someone may love them, they're not in love with them.  I see this song helping those people just the same as it did for me.  All of this aside, the song itself is, once again, lyrically brilliant and it fits in perfectly with the rest of E·MO·TION as we know it so far.  Your Type was probably the best song to save for last as it gives us yet another snapshot for the album that lies ahead.
 If, for some reason, you haven't listened to these amazing songs yet, I'm excited to announce that the entire album has finally been released today!  Go buy it now and come back soon to see my review for the rest of the album, of which I have high hopes for!

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