Jun 30, 2014

Memory Lane Monday #14 ~ Review ~ Tiger's Quest by Colleen Houck

Memory Lane Monday is a weekly meme that Amber at Paradise of Pages and I, Kristalyn at The Sarcastic Palmtree, came up with. We have been wanting to re-read some of our favorites but feel overwhelmed by all the other new books coming out that our re-reads get put to the side. We have decided we don't want to put them aside anymore, so we will be taking turns putting up our reviews on our blogs throughout the month. This does not mean we won't keep up with recent releases as well, it just means we will make more time for those we have read before as well.

Tiger's Quest (The Tiger Saga, #2)

Back in Oregon, Kelsey tries to push aside her feelings for Ren. But when her life is threatened, Kelsey is suddenly forced to return to India, where she forges an unexpected bond with Ren's tiger-brother, Kishan—and embarks on a second, perilous quest that brings them one step closer to breaking the spell.

If you would like to read my memory post of Tiger's Quest you can here.

At First Sight
The covers of the books in this series are truly works of art and Tiger's Quest is no exception.  They lure you in with their beauty and when you get to know the man behind the tiger, they are even better.

Characters and Relationships
Being the second book in a series there aren't any new main characters.  That being said, there are still a lot of side characters brought in to enhance the story without making it feel cluttered.  They are all relevant to what is going on.  The relationship between Kelsey and Kishan is able to develop more in this book whereas he wasn't in much of Tiger's Curse.

Is This A Kissing Book?
Why yes, there is a fair amount of kissing in this book.  As much as these books are really about the quests that help to break the curse, there is and evenly balanced dose of romance to help enhance the story.  I have to say, Kishan is such a flirt he makes this book so much fun.  He is definitely my favorite character of the series.

Don't Leave Me Hanging
This is book 2 of the series so of course there is going to be a cliffhanger.  Lucky for you all you won't have to wait in between books because they are out now.  Book 5 is still to come but I can tell you it won't be as bad of a wait because book 4 leaves you relatively satisfied.

The Best Gems
  • Oregon
  • Dating
  • Wushu
  • Kissing Quotes and Poems
  • Bilauta
  • Gifts of Durga
  • The Ocean Teacher
  • The Quest
  • The Grove of Dreams
The Sum Up
This whole series is amazing, but I love that each book holds something different while continuing with the same story.  The books get better and better with each one and Tiger's Quest is no exception.  As I said before, Kishan is my favorite character of the series and we get a full dose of him in Tiger's Quest.  I love how straight forward he is.  You never really have to wonder what he's thinking because almost every time he will just up and say it.  I love that in a character and I love Colleen's writing style that she can make us feel that.   I can't wait to continue with Tiger's Voyage.  Watch for my Memory post on that book soon! 

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  1. I just finished re-reading Tiger's Voyage and can't agree with you more! I love the series as a whole and it's great to meet people out there that love them as much as I do!

    1. Tiger's Voyage will be up next for my Memory Lane posts! These books are so epic! I love finding other people that love them like I do as well! Thanks so much for stopping by!