Feb 6, 2014

Coconut's Corner ~ Mr. Lincoln's Wiskers

Coconut's Corner presents:

Abraham Lincoln was the first President of the United States to wear a beard. What gave him the idea was a letter he received from an eleven-year-old girl from Westfield, New York named Grace Bedell. "Dear Sir," she wrote, " . . . if you will let your whiskers grow I will try to get (my brothers) to vote for you. You would look a great deal better for your face is so thin. All the ladies like whiskers and they would tease their husbands to vote for you . . ."

Coconut's Review:

So this is a very good book. It was about Grace Bedell she wrote a letter to Abraham Lincoln telling him he should grow a beard.  I`m not sure when this happened, I think it was a long long long time ago. Where it happened was in Westfield New York. I know why it happened was her brothers were making fun of her because she liked Abraham Lincoln, so that's why she wrote him a letter. Abraham Lincoln saw the letter and he went to New York and he saw Grace Bedell and showed her that he grew the beard. That's my Review. 

Coconut Corner is brought to you by my 8 year old daughter.  From time to time she will be reviewing books for us that she really enjoys so hopefully some of our followers with children in their lives will be able to share them.  Hopefully you will enjoy these special segments from our blog.

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  1. Sounds interesting. Never thought about the beard before. Thanks for the review, Ainsley.

  2. I never thoguht of his beard in that way before. I have always like honest Abe, so this sounds like a cute book I should read. I love reading child books that have cute stories to it like this one.

    Great review, Ainsley. You got very detailed in what it was about, I could easily picture the book just on what you said about it :)