Jan 27, 2014

If I Speak True ~ Blog Tour and Release Day

The Sarcastic Palmtree is excited to be hosting the blog tour and release day for 
If I Speak True
by Jessica L. Brooks

I am so excited today to have Jessica here as a special guest to talk about her book and because it is her big release day, Jessica is hosting a special GIVEAWAY exclusively at The Sarcastic Palmtree!

Here is a little bit about If I Speak True:

Book Title: If I Speak True
Author Name: Jessica L. Brooks
Genre: YA, magical realism, romance, fantasy, flora
Release date: 1/27/14
Goodreads Link: 

Book Summary:
Dahlia Kennedy's sixteenth birthday marks a decade of mysterious dahlias arriving and strange, lonely dreams of being in a forest. The only difference this birthday, however, is that for the first time, someone is there with her. And he's practically from a whole other era. 

The more often Dahlia visits Rowan in his land of Ambrosia, the stronger their connection grows. But... is Ambrosia real? Is he real? What is going on between the two of them, exactly, and why does he insist that she keep it to herself? 

As secrets usually go, however, it's only a matter of time before everything comes out. And when Dahlia finds out the truth of who Rowan is, who she is, and how he really feels -- it’s beyond anything she could have ever imagined.

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I asked Jessica if she would share a little bit about her book and some of her ideas and inspiration so she's here to join the celebration with us!  

Hey Jessica!  Happy Book Birthday to you and If I Speak True!

Hi, Kristalyn! I am so excited about If I Speak True finally being out in the world for all to read -- thanks for featuring it here on release day! *passes cookies around*

As I was trying to figure out what exactly to share about If I Speak True, I realized that I haven’t really said anything about the bent of the book itself or shared the fact that, at one point, more of the plot was (loosely) based on The Tempest, by William Shakespeare. 

In fact, The Tempest itself plays a role in more ways than one in the first Flora book, not only because it’s one of Dahlia’s (the main character) favorite Shakespeare plays, but also because, as things progress, there are elements from Ambrosia and the family dynamic Rowan deals with that are similar to The Tempest’s theme. (Not that I made this overly obvious, or anything. I would tell you more, but, you know, spoilers and all. *winks*)

And, The Tempest isn’t the only work referred to, either… Dahlia also refers to a few movies, such as Ever After (starring Drew Barrymore), The Princess Bride, and The Sound of Music.
Now, the reason I chose to do this was the fact that, as you read and get to know someone, understanding the things they love (and, especially, having already experienced those things yourself) can tend to not only help you bond with a character, but it also gives you a broader understanding of an overall picture that would take pages of words to explain. So, instead of going on and on about Dahlia’s feelings and whatnot, she can sum things up simply by saying, for example:   

Starlight reflects in sparking white spots onto the water as we trot in, and it occurs to me, as I inhale the gardenias’ sweet scent, that I am Drew Barrymore. I am that girl; the one who never in a million years thought she’d ever be in a place like this.


Also, I’m going to be honest, here. I like to fangirl. I do it all of the time with my three teenage daughters (though not necessarily always the same things). We love to watch our favorite movies and quote our favorite lines, and I just felt that being able to share stuff, like movie lines and whatnot, was something worth including in Dahlia’s story.
So. I hope you enjoy If I Speak True. I had so much fun writing it. And, in honor of today being its debut and because you deserve to understand exactly how Drew Barrymore’s character, Danielle, felt in Ever After: A Cinderella Story, not only am I offering the usual giveaway featured on the rest of the tour, but also this DVD. Because ya’ll are special. 

*insert fanguy/fangirl squeal here*

Thank you Jessica!  You are so fantastic and I'm sure you have everyone super excited to read your fantastic new book!

Thanks for having me, Kristalyn! 

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About Jessica L. Brooks

Jessica L. Brooks: YA author. Lover of books, coffee and all things owl-dorable.

I write about near-future dystopia (PITY ISN'T AN OPTION, Cozenage #1 out now); magical realism (IF I SPEAK TRUE, forthcoming); and love to serve virtual cookies. (Here, try one -- they're tasty!) Feel free to connect with me here on my blog or anywhere else on the interwebs by searching for my username: coffeelvnmom.
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Thank you again to Jessica for including us in her tour and especially her release day fun! 


  1. How fun! I totally entered for "Ever After." I don't believe I've had the chance to watch it yet and I love pairing up good books and movies :).

  2. Thanks for stopping by Kate. Always good to see a familiar face in the comments. :) I have yet to see Ever After either so I entered as well!