Dec 24, 2013

Sarcastic Song Suggestions ~ 2013 Christmas Edition


We are starting an exciting new series at The Sarcastic Palmtree called
Sarcastic Song Suggestions
We will be posting on a regular basis what Banana and Flamingo are listening to on their playlists right now, kind of like a Top Ten Favorites for the current time period.  This week, in honor of Christmas, Banana will be doing his top 10 favorite Christmas Songs, both old and new!

Let's start with some old favorites...

1. Last Christmas

I love almost every single version of this song I hear!  My favorite three versions are the original by WHAM! (of course), a version from Darren Hayes (from Savage Garden) off of the CD "A Rosie Christmas", and the newest version I've heard this year by Ariana Grande, featured on her new Christmas EP "Christmas Kisses" which you can buy on iTunes by clicking here.  

2. All I want For Christmas Is You

Okay... Even though Mariah Carey isn't one of my favorite people... I LOVE this song!  It's one of my favorites to listen to every year!  I will also admit to liking the duet version she does with Justin Bieber... Who has a couple of good songs on his Christmas album... But, as always, the original is the best!

3.  Nuttin' For Christmas

I've been growing up with this album my whole life so I don't know how well it originally did.  I know that it is pretty awesome and it's a Christmas album that everyone must buy or at least listen to in their lifetime.  I love this song, and it makes me sad to say that this song, along with the rest of the album, can't be purchased on iTunes.  It's such an amazing song and I love the rock twist on a holiday classic.

4. Fa La La 

Okay... so I'm not a Justin Bieber fan by any means... but I know that I like a couple of songs off of this Christmas album!  This song is a duet he does with the group Boys II Men and I honestly wouldn't have given this song a try if it wasn't for them... I LOVE the a cappella version of this song more than the original version because it sounds better and it's pretty cool to listen to 
a cappella music.

5. Merry Christmas From The Family

This is the other AMAZING song off of the album "Another Rosie Christmas".  This is a duet that Rosie O'Donnell does with famous country group the Dixie Chicks.  This song is awesome because of how funny the lyrics are... if you can even understand half of them!  I love this song SO MUCH and I know that I'm placing it at #5 but it's a tough competition...

6. Gonna Eat For Christmas

You HAVE to go out with a BANG and that's why I saved this song for the final "old" spot!  I get a kick out of this song every time I listen to it!  It's something that most of us can probably relate to because Christmas is the one time of year that, as far as food is concerned, you go big or go home!  Plus I love all the harmony between Rosie O'Donnell and Gloria Estefan in this song... I'm a sucker for any songs with good harmony.
Please go out and buy this album... It has too many good songs to miss out on you can find the link to iTunes here.

That concludes the old list of  my top 10 favorite Christmas songs this year... now on to the top 4 brand new Christmas songs...
(If you wish to take a look at it on iTunes... click on the name of the song)

 I loved this song the first time I heard it!  I've been waiting to listen to her Christmas album for awhile now and just started to a couple if weeks ago.  This song is probably my favorite off of the album because it's just fun and happy AND she performed it on Ellen... Which is always a bonus!  ;)

  I have too many nice things to say about this guy... I loved him when he was on American Idol and I admire the fact that he stood up for what he believed in even though the producers said it could cost him the win he VERY much deserved (he was on one of the worst seasons EVER and it should've been a runaway win for him).  ANYWAY... I love his twist on such a cool holiday song that everyone knows at least the chorus to... Plus I liked the Batman part in the song because it makes everyone crack up and smile every time my family listens to it!  

Alright... So I was a little on the fence about buying this song because almost every single version I've heard of this song SUCKS!  I was willing to give Karmin a chance because they're British and I like a couple of their other songs.  I never thought I could like a version of this song... They always seem to have their own awesome sound that they put in their music and this song was no different... They did a great job of providing a modern twist to an old song.

Ariana Grande is probably my favorite new artist of the year... She has proven to be very successful with just her debut album "Yours Truly" and for the past month she has been releasing Christmas singles, following in the footsteps of Justin Bieber (whose album FINALLY came out this week after a lot of single releases), all the way up to the release of her Christmas EP "Christmas Kisses"... This song reminds me a lot of a song she released a year or two ago called "Put Your Hearts Up" which basically is a good, upbeat song with a good message- "If we give a little love we can change the world".  The same theme of love applies here where she talks about giving love and spreading cheer to everyone.  I liked her debut album, her Christmas EP, and I can't wait to see what she has in store for all of us on her next album! 

Banana and Flamingo wish everyone...
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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