Dec 27, 2013

Justin Bieber ~ Believe Movie Review

The continual controversy that seems to revolve around Justin Bieber is one of the most annoying things I can think of.  No one ever seems to have anything nice to say about him, just that he continually is screwing up this, that or the other.  As much as I think that he is far from perfect, I do think he is a good person with a kind heart that tries his best to do good for other people.  I am a HUGE fan of his music and think he is beyond talented.  He can sing yes, but he also plays drums, piano, and guitar.  He went from being a kid singing on the front steps at a local theater to this big huge entertainer and honestly who of us are perfect all the time?  I venture to say if we took my fairly grounded 16 year old and gave him millions of dollars and put him in front of the world as an entertainer he would be scrutinized and wouldn't be able to do much right in the eyes of the world either.  I wanted to start this review by making sure everyone understands where I come from when it comes to Justin.  For me, it is more about the music than anything, but at the same time, I honestly feel the way I stated in this paragraph that we are looking at a 20 year old kid that really isn't all that bad if we take him as a normal person rather than someone that we are placing unrealistic expectations on because he is in the public eye.

I took my 8 year old Coconut to the movie with me.  Last Christmas she was given tickets to the Believe tour and her and I got to go last January.  We are both big fans of Justin and his music.  

It's hard to believe it's been a year since all of that happened.  I asked Coconut if she would help me with the review so I'm going to do a little Q&A with her so you can get an 8 year old super fan's take on Justin Bieber: Believe.  

Why did you want to go see the Justin Bieber movie?

Because I love Justin Bieber!!!

Why do you love Justin Bieber?

Because his hair is cute and he is really nice to other people.  He loves his fans and I love his music.

What was your favorite part of the movie?

This is a hard one because I loved it!  I liked when he was with the little girl Avalanna and when it was at the concert part and he sang "As Long As You Love Me".

Was the movie as good as the concert?

Yes.  The movie was a little, tiny bit better because it had more detail to it.  I liked seeing behind the scenes stuff like with the dancers and I thought they were just some of his friends that could dance I didn't know they had to audition to be dancers.  I liked how they made the stage because I didn't know if they just got that stuff from someone else and then they put it all together.  

Did you like the music concert clips?

Yes! Because it showed me more of the stuff I didn't know or that we couldn't see up close at the concert.

Would you recommend this movie to your friends, even if they aren't a fan of Justin Bieber?

Yeah, because I think it could turn someone into a Belieber like Never Say Never did for me.

Thank you Coconut.  

You're welcome mom.

Now you get my take on the movie.  

I wanted to go to the Believe movie because I love Justin Bieber (not in a creepy stalker kind of way) I think he is a mega talented musician and entertainer. It was a very interesting backstage look at the entire Believe tour from director and dancer selection to choreography and also into the creative process that Justin goes through for his music.  Music is something so essential to my life that I literally have to listen to it every single day.  I myself am an accomplished pianist and I understand the craft of making music and putting your heart an soul into playing a piece of music even if it isn't something I have written myself.  The movie also shows some of what Justin and his more well known staff goes through on a daily basis just to try and go out in public which is near impossible.  It is something that comes with the territory and they understand that but at the same time it makes me feel for them not being able to just be a normal person maybe ever again.  Justin talks about some of the personal things that have gone on in his life from being hounded by the paparazzi and being in love and also when love doesn't last forever.  

As with all music, some of us prefer one kind over another.  I have always loved and been able to listen to pretty much anything.  I love pop music a lot and always have.  I love Justin Beiber's music and I love the fact I can let my 8 year old listen to it uncensored.  I love the fact that she comes to me and says "Mom, I love Justin Bieber's song Believe because it means you can do anything as long as you believe in yourself". Justin's Believe album has quite an array of music on it, some fast dance type numbers, some slow, some even with a touch of mo-town.  I loved being able to revisit the concert experience through the movie and enjoy the ride of his performances for each song and how the songs are interpreted through the dance numbers and the music combined.  

Coconut mentioned Avalanna.  If you want to research the story about her and Justin (or just go see Believe for the story) it is quite incredible. In short, she was a sick 6 year old that Justin visited and they immediately formed a pretty tight bond.  He talked about her and they dedicated a whole segment of the movie to her and her story.  It was very incredible and very moving (yes I forgot my tissues and had to use buttery popcorn napkins).  These are the things that help you see Justin as just a kind person trying to do something good for someone and not a mega pop star.  There is defiantly more to him than most would think.

I sincerely enjoyed Believe from start to finish and if music is your thing, I would suggest taking the time to go see it.  It is a great look at Justin, his music and the powerful force behind it. 

I give Justin Bieber's Believe 
8 Music Notes


  1. I love justin's music too. I will admit I haven't listened to much of his new music but that is just because I haven't bought the cd yet, but I will! I never got to see his first movie, but I think I saw it on Netflix the other night so I might spend part of my day off watching that so the mister won't find out I am watching it, He will have something sarcastic to say I'm sure. I would definitely like to learn more about him though. I loved the review, and I loved little Coconut's Q&A :) I'm pretty sure I will now be going to this movie alone one day this week!

  2. Hey Amber! I hope you got a chance to watch a little Justin Bieber over the holidays when you weren't working. Coconut and I love him so much! It was a lot of fun. Boys always have to have something sarcastic to say about awesome stuff we like. Too bad they won't give it a chance because they are the ones missing out! :)