Oct 22, 2013

Katy Perry PRISM

Well today is the official release day of Katy Perry's new album PRISM but, through the awesomeness of the internet and iTunes Radio (Brand New with iOs 7!), I have been listening to this album for about a week now.  Of course I am one of those cool people who have been listening to the three pre-released singles for what seems like forever now and I love them...
It seems like so long since we have seen the release of a completely brand new Katy Perry album... sure The Complete Confection was good and all with two great songs ("Wide Awake" and "Part of Me")... but now we have a whole set of new songs!  This album has shown that she is moving in a more serious direction, but she still will obviously like to have fun (we can never forget about her songs "California Gurls" and "Last Friday Night", both #1 singles on the Billboard Hot 100).  

Here is a list of the songs... (I'd recommend listening to the snippets on iTunes before buying them if you'er still on the fence after reading this review)...
1.  Roar
2.  Legendary Lovers
3.  Birthday
4.  Walking On Air
5.  Unconditionally
6.  Dark Horse (feat. Juicy J)
7.  This Is How We Do
8.  International Smile
9.  Ghost
10. Love Me
11. This Moment
12. Double Rainbow
13. By the Grace of God
14. Spiritual*
15. It Takes Two*
16. Choose Your Battles*
*Only available on the deluxe album (but still very worth it)
Also... Here is a link to buy the album... just in case you are already interested... 

Anyway...I'm sure you probably want a review now... since you came to read one... ;)

 This album is really good... it's probably just as good as her previous album Teenage Dream.  Songs like "Birthday", "This Is How We Do", and "International Smile" are all songs that I like because they are faster and more careless and free.  Other songs like this are songs like "Roar", "Dark Horse", and "Walking On Air" which I have been enjoying for about a month or two.  

This album is pretty much split in half between the sweet slow songs and the awesome energetic songs that make you wanna dance.  The album really starts out all fast but then slows down as it goes on.  Songs like "Unconditionally", "Ghost", and "By the Grace of God" are all songs with a more deeper meaning, and I like to see that in an artist... it really is what makes them worthy of such a name like an artist.  I also like to see people go back to their beginnings and I really got that sorta feel from "By the Grace of God", I think it make the song sound even more humble than it already does, at least to me anyway.  I really liked this song when she sang it at the iTunes music festival in England.  Her performance with co-writer Greg Wells on the piano was amazing.  She showed that she has great vocals when she's not running around and dancing.  If you haven't yet seen that performance you can find a link to it here...

I think it was very cool to start out with a song like "Roar" where it's all about becoming independent and stuff and then (on the standard edition) ending with "By the Grace of God" where it's all more of a humbling song.  On the deluxe album, the three songs are just an extra way to sum up the whole album.  Both albums, as a whole, shows a person living through life.  Life starts out all fun and all that stuff, but then you go through life and you start having all these experiences and you end up becoming this more mature person and realizing that life takes work.

I give Katy Perry's PRISM 9.5 out of 10 sarcastic comments (maybe 10 on a good day :D)

 I will also throw in a dark horse, a ghost, a double rainbow, and an eye of a tiger! (Well maybe two for now since they look cool with two eyes...)


  1. So... I've spent a lot of time with PRISM over the last week(ish), and it's finally really growing on me. I completely love, love, love "By The Grace of God." LOVE IT. Oddly, I was listening the other day thinking how we go from "Roar" to this song, and then I remembered reading that here and that you had the awesome realization first LOL, which is why I'm back to comment. She needs to tour the southern USA so I can see her live again! :)

    1. Glad to see you're finally liking it! It's one of my favorites too... obviously. I'm so excited to know you remembered my review, pretty cool. I agree she needs to tour down here and I hope she does! ;)