Oct 17, 2013

Blog Tour ~ Two ~ by Leigh Ann Kopans

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by Leigh Ann Kopans

Elias and Merrin’s story continues in TWO

Elias and Merrin are on the run.

After escaping the Biotech Hub, they thought they could breathe easy, or at least a little easier. But when bombs slam into the Social Welfare Hub only hours after their arrival, it becomes clear there's nowhere to hide - and no end to what Biotech will do to get them back.

Their last chance for safety and answers is the Clandestine Service Hub. CS has intel on the real, broader purpose behind Fisk’s experiments , and the newfound knowledge of the horrors hidden deep within Biotech’s walls sends Merrin back to recover a secret formula that could ruin the Supers’ world forever—and might just save the lives of the Biotech victims spiraling out of control.

Elias' sisters are counted among the victims of Fisk’s experiments, and if Elias can't find and help them, their powers will destroy them--sooner rather than later. Returning to the place it all began terrifies him, but with Fisk ready to make an example out of Merrin, and his sisters’ lives --and the lives of all Supers--hanging in the balance, he might not have a choice. If he can't find the courage to face his worst fears, Elias might lose more than his newfound powers.

He might lose everyone he loves

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It is so hard to gush the way I would like to about this book and not give the whole thing away so I'm going to try and keep myself in check and give you my review....
I absolutely LOVED Two!  LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!!  I read Two directly after reading One, which I enjoyed far more than any other YA Sci-fi I have read in probably years.  That being said, Two blew One out of the water!  It was freaking amazing! I picked up right where One left off and just kept up the fast pace action!  (You can read my review of ONE here)

Where One was told from Merrin's point of view, Two is told from Elias' point of view.  I was so grateful for this insight!  I love knowing what both characters are thinking and I didn't realize how unsure of himself Elias could be at times.  Where Merrin always wants more, Elias is more content, which makes the characters compliment each other so well.   Elias will always have a special place in my heart.  He is such a good kid and always trying to do the right thing.  Elias is always concerned about the people that he loves and will do anything he can for them.  

Elias and Merrin together are such a refreshing couple.  They really care about each other and are trying to accomplish what they set out to do, which is the main focus of their relationship rather than the physical attraction they have.  I really like this in a YA novel.  This is a series I can't wait for my teens to read!

As much as I love the main characters in this book, the supporting characters that were introduced brought in a whole new element to the series.  They all are so unique I could just see Leigh Ann taking this series on a wild ride book after book!   My favorite thing about the characters is they are almost always supportive of each other even when it's hard.   They all have different abilities which makes them unique but at the same time they work together well with a common goal. 

Leigh Ann Kopans has a way of getting your attention with her writing and not letting go.  She knows how to weave a story with characters that you will completely love.  I am so grateful that she has shared her writing talents with the world.  She is an AMAZING author and I look forward to reading more from her in the future. 

Here is one of my favorite Elias moments from the book:

"I clasp her tight to me, hoping her head against my heart will stop it from feeling like it's hemorrhaging.  "Oh, Mer. Oh," I say, once her sobs have stopped.  "I love you for so many reasons.  And not a single one of them has to do with you floating around like a ghost."

He is just so sweet!  You can't help but love the guy!  I would recommend this book to absolutely anyone.  It is a whole lot of fun and excitement!
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Here's a little bit about the wonderful author

 Leigh Ann Kopans 
Raised on comic books and classic novels, Leigh Ann developed an early love of science fiction and literature. As an adult, she rediscovered her love for not only reading, but also writing the types of fiction that enchanted her as a teen. Her debut novel, ONE, is about a girl with only half a superpower, the boy who makes her fly, and her struggle to make herself whole.

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If you haven't yet had the pleasure of reading One, 
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