Sep 2, 2013

Review ~ One Direction - This is us

Well, Coconut and I hit the movie theater this weekend for a mommy daughter date and saw the One Direction movie.  We had a lot of fun and now I will give you some of the highlights that were good for me. 

 Here we are in our 3D glasses waiting for the movie to start!

 I really like this kind of movie for several reasons....

1 - I love behind the scenes stuff.  I knew pretty much nothing about how 1D got together (to my surprise they auditioned for X Factor and Simon Cowell put them together) and although I really like their music I didn't know a thing about any of their personalities or where they came from (other than the obvious, Britain!)

2 - Concert Clips.  As stated above I really do enjoy their music which thrills Coconut and makes Banana and Toucan roll their eyes repeatedly.  Everyone knows how expensive it is to go to a concert and it is a lot of fun to be able to at least get a glimpse of what their performances look like. 

3 - Funny!  I can't tell you how many times Coconut and I were looking at each other and quietly snickering in the theater.  These boys are hilarious!  They are total pranksters and just want to have fun.

4 - Personalities.  As stated in #3, these boys have some fun and crazy personalities.  It was so fun to see how they were all so different but got along so well.  I liked it when they talked about how if just one of them hadn't gone to their audition on X Factor how it never would have happened the same.  They enjoy what they do although they admit it is a lot of hard work and it can be hard on them sometimes.  They all were so fun to see in their own different way.

5 - Family friendly.  I love having a decent movie I can take my kids to.  The other two didn't want to come (apparently 1D is not their thing even for a free afternoon at the movies) but it was so nice to take her to a fun, age appropriate movie!

I thought it would be fun to ask 8 year old Coconut what she thought of the movie. 

Here is her reply:

I loved it!  I loved how funny it was and I loved Harry in the close ups!  And I already knew they were on the X Factor but it was fun to see how they really were on it.  And Niall was really funny but he isn't my favorite, Harry is.  Zayn was pretty talented with his art.  My favorite part was when they were at the end and singing What Makes you Beautiful.  The concert parts were the best! 

Here's Coconut with the 1D boys.....
    and swooning over Harry of course!

This movie was all I expected it to be, just because I knew what I was going into.  If you have a little girl that likes pop music you should make her day and take her to see this film.  It was well worth it for me to just sit with my little bug and have some fun!

The totally made up rating scale at 
The Sarcastic Palmtree gives 

One Direction - This is us... 

8 really fun heart notes
 (even though there is only 5 here) 
because we loved it!

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