Sep 3, 2013

Fall TV ~ The Sarcastic Palmtree Can't Wait!

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It's that time again! 
The kids are going back to school.  The leaves are turning color.  The crispness of fall is in the air...
But most important...
 Banana and Flamingo can't wait to start watching their favorite TV shows again!

Since our blog highlights 
all things
entertainment we thought we would share the shows we like to watch on TV and our favorite things about these shows!  So sit back, make a snack, grab a cold Coke Zero and enjoy...

The Sarcastic Palmtree Fall TV Preview!!! 

All right Banana are you ready to rock? 

 Let's start off with some old favorites that we've been 
watching for a while...

 I have watched Grey's Anatomy since the very first episode.  It is hands down one of my favorite shows.  Although the cast has changed over the years it has managed to keep my interest and always be a show I look forward to every fall.

Well... I wasn't always a big enough of a kid to watch this show so I finally got to really start about halfway through season 8 around the crossover with the popular spinoff private practice.  I have watched almost all the reruns of the rest of the series since then and love it.  I can't wait to see if this is it for the series because of Christina Yang leaving but I can say it definitely won't be the same without her... :/

Another show I have watched since it started and will continue to watch as long as Ian Somerhaulder stays on.  His acting and delivery is impeccable as well as the fact that he is probably one of the hottest guys in Hollywood in my opinion!  

I started watching this show last season... I think that most of the actors do a great job and the one thing I love most is all of Damon's humorous remarks... Take it from me!  If you want to watch something with Vampires in it, this would be the first place to start.

If you aren't watching Hart of Dixie you're missing out on a really good time!  I love anything with a southern flair and this show has it.  From redneck hottie Wade to a southern belle named Lemon this show doesn't miss! Oh yeah, and don't forget the mayors pet alligator Burt Reynolds!!  He keeps everyone on their toes!

I agree... If you aren't watching this show, you must not watch TV much.  This show has the perfect amount of comedy and drama that I'm always interested, but always laughing as well! 

I'm turning this one completely over to Banana.  All I know about this show is Captain Hook is hot!

I couldn't have summed up the series better...  ;)
I watched this show from the beginning and I'm glad I took a chance on it.  I have always been kept interested with the different twist and turns throughout each season and in some way the finale always keeps you wanting to watch it, but it's always been able to wrap up the season so you can start anew on the next, which means you can start at the beginning of this upcoming season and be practically caught up... I'm also looking forward to the new spinoff series "Once Upon A Time: In Wonderland"!  I can't wait to see what they do there...

I don't need a reason other than the one in the picture above to watch this show... Stephen Amell is SMOKIN'!!  This show is actually one my HUSBAND watches and enjoys as well.  It's full of action as well as a flashback storyline that works really well with the current day story.  It's well written and well cast.  I love it!  

I love this show too!  It's got all the drama and action you want and need in a show!  I really like how the flashback storyline is normally connected to the current day one!  I can't wait to see what happens this season!

As far as Castle goes, thank heavens for TV on DVD!!  I love this show but we didn't start watching it until season 3 was out.  I'm so glad we got hooked on it!  I love the tension between Castle and Beckett. This show has some amazing aspects to it, crime drama as well as romance and it is hilarious!

Well I am also grateful we got hooked on this show!  The tension between these two has been great but I'm really waiting to see what Beckett's answer is to the question Castle asked her at the end of the season.  That's always one thing I have loved about this show is that there's normally a big cliffhanger that makes you wanna come back again for next season.  I'm also really hope Beckett accepts her new job, but we all know that for some reason or another she will come back to the precinct. 

Survivor is a show we enjoy every season and we weren't going to include it on the list originally until we read the premise for this new season!  Banana, do you want to give the dirty details??

I guess I will... 
For all of you survivor fans that have been watching for the past few seasons, you would know that they will normally keep bringing old castaways back... well guess what they're doing again this season...
There will be returning favorites that will show up with a family member the night before Day 1 and they will spend the night, just the two of them, on a random part of the island.  Then once all the contestants meet together on Day 1, there will be a twist posed the minute they get there... well, actually there are a couple....  The returning favorites will be on one tribe and the family member will be on the other tribe!
Think that's it?  Of course not!  This is survivor!  (and I kinda already said there would be more than one twist...)  Immediately after the two tribes are formed, each will vote off a member of their tribe.  Then the family member of the person voted out can decide to trade places with them if they want to, which could put a new person on a returning tribe and vice versa...  Then once all that stuff is done with the two people will go to... REDEMPTION ISLAND!  That's right folks!  You heard it here first!  Redemption Island is coming back, with some new twists to keep it fresh!  ;)
1.  Redemption Island will have three people playing instead of two (which is what they've normally done in the past)  
2.  A family member of a castaway participating in the challenge can switch with them and play in the challenge, but if they win they will still have to stay at Redemption Island until the next challenge if they are to swap back
3.  The person who comes in 1st Place will get a hint to the hidden immunity idol at one of the two camps, the person who comes in Last Place will be officially kicked off the show, and the guy who comes in 2nd Place is just lucky he finished before the loser did..  ;)
I think that covers all the "new" stuff that will be happening this season... I can't wait to see what will happen with this kind of dynamic...  There's just one question left to answer... Is blood thicker than water?

I think that about does it for the old favorites.  Let's switch gears and talk about the new stuff coming up this season!

YES!  They're bringing it back!  24 is one of my favorite TV shows EVER!!  I watched it from episode 1 and never quit.  I am ecstatic to have it come back this year.  I am curious however to see how they fit it into the new format of fewer than 24 episodes. 

I have also watched this show from episode 1... but I just watched the whole series in the past year and never had to wait a week for a new episode so it will be interesting to see if I can deal with waiting this season.  For those of you who don't know... They are doing a 12 episode format this year (each episode covers 2 hours instead of 1) so it's what they like to call a "miniseries".  This worries me because normally miniseries only happen once... There's never really been a "second miniseries".  We have to enjoy the last few hours we have left because we never know when they will bring it back again... Or IF they will bring it back again... 

Ahhh, more vampires!  I am hopeful this spin off works well as I love Vampire Diaries so much.  I am a HUGE fan of Daniel Gilles (Elijah) and look forward to seeing him on a weekly basis.  

I am also hopeful for this spinoff to work as well... just not because I think Elijah is hot!  I loved the original family in The Vampire Diaries and I think that they have enough awesomeness to start their own show up...  ;)

Being the HUGE Avengers nerd that I am, I can't wait for this show!  I am thrilled to find out Agent Coulson is alive and well and that he is going to bring us so new awesomeness in this show!

I was RELIEVED when I found out #Coulssonlives because he was such an awesome character in the Avengers!  I can't wait to see if Agent Maria Hill will be less annoying and cheesy because I think she will be in Avengers 2.  I am optimistic for her character though because I used to think the same thing of Coulson when he made appearances in the Marvel movies leading up to Avengers.  All in all... I am excited to see how this show turns out!  :D

Okay, moment of truth..... I am watching this show for Robbie Amell.  I know, lame, but he is the cousin of the previously mentioned Stephen Amell (super hot guy from Arrow) and therefore we will now have Amell Wednesdays on the CW!  I can think of a few things that might be better but as far as TV goes, there is a good chance I will be looking forward to Wednesdays.

I know what you're thinking... yes, I am also going to be looking forward to Amell Wednesdays... just not because I think they're hot.  I am genuinely interested in this show because it looks cool and I really don't have any Sci-Fi shows to watch!  I am also excited because I think the CW is finally starting to pick up on some good quality shows that will make them a network to watch!  ;)

 Now, on to the honorable mentions!

It was bound to happen sooner or later......HOCKEY!  The season can't start soon enough and I'm looking forward to great things from the Wild this year!  This is my #1 pick for fall TV but it isn't exactly a "show" so it has to get stuck down here with the honorable mentions.  Let's all get WILD!!!

I like hockey... hockey is my favorite sport... and this is my favorite team... I'm sure we won't be having that many TV blog posts because we will be watching hockey instead of TV...  ;)

Yes, we watch this DWTS.  I enjoy seeing who is actually a good dancer.....or not.  :D

I will only watch this show if they have good celebrities on... like the winner of last season... Kellie Pickler!  but that's pretty much the extent of it...

This is pretty much the only sitcom we still watch.  It's really cute and funny and I absolutely love Nancy Travis!!  If you aren't watching this one I would certainly recommend it!

It's a sad world we live in... there's really only one good sitcom that comes on every week... I wish I lived in a time where Friends and Seinfeld and Frasier were all on so I could look forward to those every week... but sadly... I'm sitting here hoping and praying for a Friends reunion!  I love the kids on this show... they are all so different and I think that's what makes this show so funny.  I really like the youngest daughter, Eve, because she's sarcastic... and I love sarcastic people!  

I wasn't sure this show was going to take off but it did.  I love Alex O'Loughlin and Scott Caan.  They work so well together and of course aren't hard to look at either!  ;)

This show is more down towards the bottom of my list unless an episode leaves on a cliffhanger... those always make we want to come back for more!  This show has it all though, comedy, drama, and of course action and that's why I like it! 

Nikita is supposed to be wrapping up this season with a half season.  I will be interested to see how they tie up all the lose ends to this series.  It's one I have enjoyed and I will really miss it.......and Shane West! 

I feel so sad to see this show go... I always liked this show since I first started watching it!  Sadly, because of hockey, I couldn't watch most of last season and then we also got a new DVR which wiped all of our old stuff off.  But I guess I'm okay with it because now I can record 5 things at a time!  ;)

Banana and I have just started watching this series on Netflix.  We are just getting into it but makes me excited we decided to give it a chance!

I used to watch this show with my friend on Netflix through my kindle when I took this computer class... "Wait a second....what?  You were watching this at school?"  I loved it!  I love all the different awesome references that is made for all the many epic things in life.  I also love this show because Dean is hilarious... he has me laughing like 5-10 times an episode!  Now we have yet another great show from the CW Network!  Thank you CW!  "And now pardon us as Banana and I will have a talk about what is appropriate to be doing during class at school!"

Well I think that about sums it all up!  
Let us know what shows you are looking forward to this fall! 
 Have we missed something we should be watching?  
We love to hear from our readers!  
Also be sure to start watching all of these amazing shows if you haven't yet!  
We think they are all really good!  ;) 

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